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YG quotes: on mindset, money, what the future holds, and more.

“You gotta stay on point in everything in life.”

Be yourself and set the trend. Don’t follow.”

“What you do? You continue to build your brand, build your celebrity.”

“You just gotta do it. You gotta give the people what they want, and some mo’. You gotta give ’em what they want and what you want.”

“Stress come with life, period, bro.”

“The truth doesn’t cost anything but a lie could cost you everything.”

“At the end of the day, bro, we can all do what we do on our own and be straight in life. But if we do this sh*t together, it’s gonna be crazy. And we supposed to do it together. Ain’t no reason why we shouldn’t.”

Stay Dangerous, man. The concept behind that [album] is staying on your sh*t. Staying ready. Staying on the edge. Staying 10 steps ahead of the next motherf*cker. Not just your enemies, but everybody. Being proactive, not reactive. Knowledge is dangerous, you know what I’m talking about? So yeah, when I say ‘stay dangerous,’ I mean all that.”

“When you watch your friends and you like depart from your friends, you tell them like, ‘Alright bro, I’ma see you later. Be safe.’ We don’t say that, we say, ‘Stay dangerous,’ because being safe is like you playing defense, you waiting on something to happen to move. You know what I’m saying? It’s like no, we dangerous. When we plant, we we play offense. But when you’ve got all that and when you know certain things, you could be a dangerous individual in a good way.”

“I’ve been through real sh*t and I still go through real sh*t, and I made it in sticky situations and turned the negative into a positive.”

“I’m in the mindstate of staying dangerous because of the life I’ve lived, and the way I move because of it, today. I’ve been shot, I’ve fallen out with close friends, I’ve been in the hood dodging bullets. After a while, this type of thinking becomes regular.”

“When I was in jail, I had to learn how to have patience. That helped me with a lot of stuff now that’s going on. I had no patience at first. In certain situations, I learned how to have it… I got that rush and it made me realize that I’m here for a reason, and then a few months later I got signed. That’s how I really knew I was blessed.”

“Thankfully my resilient mindset never let the negative past get me thrown off as I cut certain friends and even went straight to the studio right after leaving the hospital with my battle wounds. I symbolize the strength, grit and perseverance gained from the harsh realities I grew up in.”

“I left the hospital that night, and the next day I went back to the studio. Nobody wanted me to go. My momma tells me, ‘What are you talking about going to the studio?’ But you know, I got sh*t to do. This sh*t don’t stop for nobody. I came straight to the studio on my little crutches.”

“At the end of the day, you feel me, like I’m from the streets. I go through things that the homies would. I go through ups and downs. We all go through ups and downs. Mine are just a little different than yours but we all going through some sh*t. We all have good times; my good times just a bit different to your good time but we all have a good time. So this sh*t is really just to connect with people and just to let everybody know that we are equal.”

“I’m solid man. You know, blessed. Album out, after two years and like a year—a full year process of working on the project. Been through a whole lot. You feel me? We got over it though. We got out the—we almost out the dark spaces and all that, but I’m good. I’m good. They talkin’ all that talk ’bout the album, you feel me? I’m feelin’ right.”

“Aye, did I pass or fail? Graduate or go to jail? Who writes the test? Who defines success? We all wanna win, play ball or rap. But when that don’t happen, it ain’t no goin’ back.”

“I like to create, and right now, I know where I want to be, and I know how to get there.”

“I’m going to keep making clothes, I’m going to do more movies and I’m always going to rap. I’ma stay consistent with the music, for sure. Keep building my brand.”

“I dedicated my life to this music sh*t. It’s really for the best for all my people. So when I’m gone, it be like, sh*t, I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, because if I wasn’t doing this, I’d be at the house trying to figure out what the f*ck to do so my people be straight. Like, I’m doing the right sh*t.”

“I ride around in my car and everybody know my Porsche—the red Porsche, everybody know I’m the only motherf*cker in LA with a red Porsche. I go to the mall by myself, so I still do that type of sh*t that I shouldn’t be doing. I’m real, I don’t act like I’m a celebrity or none of that. But I’m like one foot in, one foot out.”

“You don’t have to be a gangster rapper to be successful. You can do anything.”

“I am who I am, though—still. The streets made me who I am.”

“I’m just telling my story, living my life, doing what I do and talking about what I know.”

“Me having my moms and pops in my life and knowing and seeing what they went through for us, it’s why I’m a good father.”

“I’m trying to make sure my kids got paper.”

“You gotta raise your kids, take care of your family.”

“If money’s the only goal then we all gon’ fail.”

“That’s something we real big on: just being real, authentic, being yourself, not letting this lifestyle change you.”

“I’m dealing with success. I’m happy with my success.”

“Life’s the test, keep the rest, we want success, so do your best.”

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