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Renée Zellweger Quotes

Kathleen Zellweger

Renée Zellweger quotes: the actress’ point of view on being entitled, making time, work, play, learning, dating, and more.

“You can like the life you’re living, you can live the life you like.”

“I’m attracted to intelligence and creativity and passion – and not necessarily the romantic kind.  I want to learn from someone who is greedy for information and light and laughter and the whole world.  Someone who celebrates their days and finds inspiration in what other people accomplish.”

“I learned some of my greatest life lessons as a result of having taken the chance, the step.”

“It’s so boring when people talk about what they’re going to do, or what they might do, or the thing that they want to do.  It’s so much more interesting when you just do it and say, ‘Here it is.'”

“Whatever else may have changed in the world, we still have conversations with ourselves about how we might improve, or things we’re insecure about, or our failings.”

“Goodness in other people and what they contribute… inspire me.  I love it when someone is gifted and shares it in some way so that it has a trickle-down effect.”

“I think we underestimate the importance of kindness sometimes.  We understand the power of just a little tiny bit of kindness.  It could be the catalyst for something so important.  Sometimes just a tiny little gesture or an acknowledgment can make all the difference in turning somebody’s life around.  I think it has a trickle-down effect, when you pass on what you receive without even knowing it.  We also underestimate our own power to make a difference with the decisions that we make every day.”

“I want to learn more.  I want to know more.  That’s what taking this time is about.  I’m curious about so many things, but haven’t had occasion to be exposed to them enough to really appreciate them.”

“Academics were important to my parents, as immigrants.  Education is where it all begins.”

“Writing is something that has always been part of my life.  I’m tapping into it because it makes me happy.  There are so many women now who are answering their creative calling – writing, producing, directing.  I have a lot of girlfriends who would like to produce material that matters in some way.”

“You cannot be a good storyteller if you don’t have life experiences, and you can’t relate to people.”

“I have a job that requires me to get dressed up more often than if I were in another line of work, but I don’t have a lot of indulgences.  I like nice wine, and I like sushi, and those things aren’t cheap.  Well, they can be, but I don’t think I’d go for the cheap fish!”

“Exercise is my outlet, the one thing I do during the day that’s mine and mine alone.  I don’t want to work with a trainer, and I don’t want to go with friends to the gym.  It’s my solitude, and I need it.  The perk of going and spending time by myself and getting my head straight and thinking through what might be bothering me is that I get fit.”

“I’m glad folks think I look different.  I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.”

“I don’t compromise on what I value.  I don’t compromise on my moral constitution.  I don’t compromise on the things that would dissipate my self-respect in any way.”

“I wanted to be self-sufficient, I wanted to take care of myself, and I wanted to learn.  I wanted to travel, I wanted to see the world and have my eyes opened.  I wanted to be consistently challenged, and I knew I needed to be creative in some way.  When I got my job in a bar and I could pay for my tuition and go on auditions and sometimes get jobs that I loved and pay my rent, I knew that I would be all right.  That’s when my dreams came true, long before the telephone rang and someone said, ‘Come and meet Tom Cruise.'”

“Once you’ve reached the point where you can pay rent, you can go to the vet and you can go to the grocery store – after that point, it’s all the same.  I don’t have the appetite for a decadent lifestyle.”

“I’ve never been the sort of person who takes things for granted, and I’m not an acquisitions girl.  So I didn’t feel entitled to a car when I was 16.  Of course, I was bummed I didn’t get one, because I was an American Texas teenager!  But I understood it.  I’ve never gotten my self-esteem from having the newest, most spectacular thing.”

“I remember just lying in the grass, staring at the clouds, wondering where they drifted off to after they floated over Texas.  I never would have imagined that one day I would follow one of those clouds and find myself in Hollywood.”

“I believe in love, but I don’t sit around waiting for it.  I buy houses.  I travel.  I take jobs on mountaintops in Transylvania.  I know that happiness comes in many ways and if you spend your life hoping to be found by or to find a significant other, you’re going to miss out on all that stuff.  And that’s what makes you special and makes your life rich.”

“If you don’t explore other things, you wake up 20 years later and you’re still that same person who only learns anything when she goes out to research a character.  You need to grow!”

“I never say never about anything, because I look back on my own personal history and it shocks me.  If I would ever have said, ‘Oh, for sure this is going to be in my future,’ most of my experiences would not have been on my list.”

“I have projects to develop.  I want to study American history and political science, live in an apartment in France and fix my bad French.  And is there really time for all of it?  Last summer, when I said it wasn’t the right time for something I wanted to do, a friend asked, ‘How long are you going to live?'”

“I’m not single, I’m busy.  That’s my line.”

“I think I was born happy.  If I have a bad moment, it doesn’t take long to switch the gear back.  I say, ‘That sucked,’ and move on.”

“I’ve never seen the maturation of a woman as a negative thing.”

“I’m very blessed with people who will go great distance out of their way to help not just me, but other people in their lives.  I think that’s a huge blessing.”

“It’s a state of mind that I try to be cognizant of every day, because there’s not a lot not to be grateful for.  You know, it’s all a blessing, isn’t it?  I guess at the top of the list I would say the people that I love, obviously.”

“I’m in a pretty great place right now in my life and it has nothing to do with decades or numbers.”

“I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve accumulated.  Of course, there are certain things you wish were not on anyone’s list of life experiences, but it’s a life.  It’s a good life.  And I like what’s there.”

“I still feel like I’ve crashed the party.”

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