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Amen: “You Can’t Leave Your Personal Development To Randomness”

My notes from Brendon Burchard’s appearance on Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory.

“Your life doesn’t end up an accident.”

“Your life is a series of actions that you initiate or don’t initiate.  And your thoughts are gonna control that roadmap.  And so, how are you using your mind today to either make yourself feel great or not?”

“Make the conscious decision about who you wanna be each day; stay congruent with that.”

“Most people don’t have a calendar.  That’s problem number one.  They’re not strategically blocking time, moving towards the major things they want in their life.  They won’t say they’re going through the motions, but the calendar [or lack thereof] reveals it.”

“I love guilt.  Guilt is a tool.  Guilt is a weapon.  To me, guilt is a signal for learning.”

“The world completely underestimates the power of visualization.”

“Emotion is not something you have; it is something you generate.”

“You have to learn to own your ambition; speak of the ambition; chase the ambition; drive the ambition; and lead the ambition.  The further you are from your ambitions, the more miserable you are.  And most people don’t even look at their goals every day.”

“You have to have daily intention and habit tracking.  You can’t leave your personal development to randomness.”


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