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Who Is Raphael Vargas And What’s His Net Worth?

Raphael Vargas Real

According to his Instagram, Raphael Vargas is a superstar, multiple eight figure entrepreneur who lives fearless so he can die legendary.

You probably know him as one half of the hype machine that interrupts your YouTube watching to pitch automated Amazon stores for a small fortune.

But who is he really? And how rich is he? And where does he make most of his money from? I did some digging. But first, here’s a practical business that works for the average person.

Semi-passive income case study

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Raphael Vargas was kicked out of high school. He was nearly murdered not once, but twice. At age 20, he was broke and alone, scheming for ways to make money in his mom’s basement.

Eventually he found success in real estate. Wholesaling, to be specific. Over the course of seven years, he scaled that business into multiple markets, personally doing more than 1,000 deals. Today, he owns more than $15 million dollars worth of rental properties.

Next up, Amazon automation. Raphael learned how to hack hot products and dropship ’em through Amazon’s Seller Central, leveraging a team to do most of the heavy lifting. His store now generates tens of thousands of dollars each month in passive income.

Raphael’s got his hands in a little bit of everything

Raphael Vargas Getting Richer He’s taught more than 1,000 entrepreneurs how to profit from fix and flips, starting from scratch, with no money out of pocket.

He and his business partner, Dylan Baker, now sell turnkey Amazon stores for $20k to $30k a pop, plus 25% of all profits.

As if that’s not enough, he’s apparently creating a fund in the Forex market as well.

Raphael is a man on a mission: he wants to give millions, create leaders, and dominate markets. So far, he’s been able to retire his mother, help care for his mentally disabled brother, and pay off his father’s house.

But the coolest part, Raphael rants, isn’t the philanthropy or the exotic cars or the luxury vacations; it’s the freedom.

Raphael Vargas’ net worth

Raphael Vargas Instagram

So how much is homeboy worth? We estimate $5 million. That’s based on the numbers he’s given in multiple interviews, minus taxes, business expenses, charitable contributions and Raphael’s expensive lifestyle choices.

What can you learn from Raphael’s unlikely success story? Here, I’ll let him tell you.

“Most people have a 9 to 5 job, which is their now. Where they fail is not using their 5 PM to 9 AM to build their future,” Raphael said on Instagram recently.

“When I was transitioning from full-time job to entrepreneur, I picked a 9 to 5 that was sales related to help me in my future business,” he continued.

“I remember taking lunch breaks to read and study real estate. Using the printer at my job to print contracts and reading material. Sneaking in home seller calls with calls for my job.”

“Then, after leaving my job at 5 PM, I’d go hard at night, staying up three days in a row some days—reading, studying, building call lists, etc.—going right back to the job with zero sleep…”

“It’s all right to have a job temporarily. But if your goal is to leave that job and become a full-time entrepreneur? You don’t have days off.”

“This means you have to hustle weekdays, weekends, holidays, birthdays, bad days… 24/7/365!”

Sure, once your business has reached critical mass, you can kick back a little. But not until.

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