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Mike Rashid Net Worth, Documentary

Mike Rashid Computer

In 2009, Mike Rashid was a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym in Long Beach, California. He had always been an athlete, and in great shape. In fact, at age 12, he became an amateur boxer. So he looked the part. And was great at whipping people into shape. But it wasn’t till he learned how to sell that things took off.

Soon, he was responsible for 80% of the gym’s training revenue, even though there were 14 other trainers on staff. Yet, his paycheck was puny. So he went out on his own. Month one, he made $15 grand. He began uploading videos of his clients to YouTube, tracking their progress, both in terms of performance and body composition. This motivated them to push harder and get more gains.

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Not only that, Mike Rashid made sure he was in better shape than everyone else. So he was a walking billboard for his service, landing new clients with relative ease. And he was always getting new certifications. And he was obsessed with getting his clients results. “I don’t care what you’re selling, your product’s gotta be good,” he once told Tatiana James in an interview. “And in that business, I was the product.”

A few months later, Mike had no bandwidth left. He was training people all day every day, turning new clients away. In need of more energy, he began taking pre-workout supplements, but he wasn’t happy with any of ’em. So he started making his own. Almost by accident, his supplement company was born. It evolved into The Ambrosia Collective, which now sells supplements like plant proteins, pre- and probiotics, keto coffee, a “genius juice” brain booster, and more.

Of course, in the background, his YouTube channel was gaining more and more subscribers. So Mike began taking his online presence more serious, upping the quality of his videos, hopping on Instagram and blowing that up, and so on.

@MikeRashid Instagram

Mike Rashid’s physique looks like caps lock and concrete.

With millions of loyal followers, he’s been able to add new income streams—that he’s passionate about—over time. Apparel, organic food delivery, at-home boxing gym, private nutrition planning, virtual personal training, you name it.

Add it all up and Mike Rashid now makes in a few days what he used to make working an entire year as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym. We believe his net worth is around $5 million dollars.

His keys to success? Reinvest your profits early on to build a talented team and efficient systems. Your customer service has to be on point. Your product has to be amazing. If you’re passionate about it, it’ll be that much easier to market and sell it. Oh, and happy hour, Taco Tuesday, binge-watching Netflix—you gotta forget about all of that. And just work your ass off.

And for Mike, money matters. “To me, making money is fun. That’s the ultimate fun, I’m sorry. The more money I have, the happier I am. And I’m not sayin’ money is the source of happiness, but it is a source of happiness. In this world, you need money. And the more money you have, if you’re not some self-destructive person, the more people you can help.”

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