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Reactive Profits Review, Cost (Trey Lewellen)


“By now you know that people all over the world are making millions of dollars online by selling simple products just like these [points to a table full of gadgets],” says Trey Lewellen in his latest YouTube ad.

“You see, over the last year, we have sold over a million dollars worth of neck pillows. Four million dollars in surgical masks—because of the pandemic. Can’t forget this little guy: this is a humidifier for cars that we have sold over three and a half million dollars of, online. And of course, our blockbuster product: our G700 Tactical Flashlight—over twenty million dollars [in sales] sold online over the last five years,” he brags.

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“And of course, we have other products that we’re selling online,” Trey continues. “But here’s the thing: whether you’re just looking to make an extra few thousand dollars online, per month, from the comfort of your own home; or you want to build a full-time business online, well, this can become a reality sooner than you might think.”

“And the process? Is very simple. First, here’s what you do: you pick a market. So for example, if you love planting, maybe your market would be gardening. Or if you love traveling, maybe your market would be [catering] to other people who love to travel as well. Does that make sense?”

“Because then we move into step number two, which is: finding the products that your market is already buying online. Americans are spending billions of dollars each year online. So yes, this is kind of the easy part.”

“And then lastly, of course, is step number three, which is: directly advertising to them. You see, we advertise these products, online, where your market is already shopping. The cool thing? Anyone can advertise on these websites.”

“That’s all you need: internet access and a computer, and you’re good. Now I get this might sound overly simplistic, but it isn’t. I’ve used this exact same process to sell over $45 million dollars of our own products online as well.”

“And if you want, I created a detailed report that lays out specifically how folks like you are making a fortune online, tapping into the power of the internet to sell physical products.”

“I call it my Product Sales Game Plan. And the best part? We’ve detailed everything out for you. The very best markets to target, the hottest products to sell, and of course, the best websites to advertise on—once you decide to get started.”

“I’ve left no stone unturned. To get your free copy of my game plan, all you have to do is click the link above or below this video and let me know what email address you’d like me to send it to. Consider it freedom at your fingertips,” Trey says as the ad comes to an end.

So is Trey Lewellen’s Reactive Profits worth checking out?

Trey Lewellen Ecommerce

Ah, what the hell, I’ll be the guinea pig. I went ahead and opted-in and read through Trey’s Game Plan. It was six or so long, but easy-to-read, pages detailing his approach to selling physical products.

I have to say, it was better information than most of these gurus are giving out on their obnoxious webinars. If you had some experience in eCom, you could probably take some of his tips and run with ’em. If not, that’s where the pitch comes in.

Trey eventually asks you to book a 45 minute Ecommerce Game Plan Call with his team so they can try to sell you his new Reactive Profits mentoring program.

No word on what it costs, but they wouldn’t be pushing you to a phone call if it wasn’t high ticket. I’m guessing Reactive Profits costs at least $5k, if not more.

Should you invest? Well, I think Trey Lewellen is honest and walks the walk, so I have no problem with his offer.

My only knock against him is that he seems to be all over the place. He’s launched so many courses and masterminds, I have to wonder if he’s got the bandwidth (or people in place) to really give you the support you need.

Oh, and I think he ripped bits and pieces of copy that I’ve written for other internet marketers, but whatever. He switched it up enough that I can’t be mad. It’s when people literally leave entire sentences the same that I come unglued.

Anyways, Reactive Profits is certainly a viable option if eCom’s your thing. But before you leave, you might wanna compare it to what we do. Click below for all the beer-battered details.

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