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Recovery Rush Reviews (John Collins Amazon)

Recovery Rush Case Study

John W. Collins was a top Amazon seller. Yet, he’ll never sell products again. In a new case study, he’ll explain why. Continue down the page for my Recovery Rush review.

Before that, though, take a look at our anti-Amazon biz. You might like it even better than what John’s teaching.

John Collins pivoted from selling private label products on Amazon to consulting for some of the biggest brands on Amazon via his company, The Naked Amazon Agency.

He claims, once he teaches you everything he knows, you too can command colossal fees with your own “Amazon agency.” He also apparently has a Rari.

John Collins Ferrari

After I clicked his Facebook ad, I was taken to his squeeze page. It looks different than anything I’ve seen before, so right away, I’m intrigued.

I hit play on the video and John, sounding like he could definitely do voiceovers for radio spots, says I’m about to learn how to start and scale my very own “cost recovery business” by working with high-end brands.

John W Collins Reviews

Next, I click the big red button, type in my email, and I’m redirected to a private page where, as promised, the 41-minute case study video awaits.

Below that, unsurprisingly, there’s another big red button, prompting me to “apply now.” More on that later. For now, let’s see if John’s case study lives up to the hype, shall we?

Recovery Rush Amazon Fees

The video kicks off and, according to John, Amazon is sitting on a huge pile of brands’ money—in error—and nobody’s helping the brands to recover it. Until now.

John goes into detail about how Amazon’s vendors have something like $7 billion dollars worth of chargebacks per year. However, many of those chargebacks were made in error. The brands should get that money back. But they don’t. How come?

Well, if I understand John correctly, Amazon made it really f*cking difficult to dispute said chargebacks. That, and the brands are worried that fighting the chargebacks will ruin their relationship with Amazon. So they take their “L” and move on.

That’s where you come on. These businesses, according to John, would be happier ‘n’ a pig in slop to have a third party deal with it. And, if you go this route, your day-to-day would look like so:

RecoveryRush Cost Recovery Process

From there, J Dub takes us to a custom calculator and begins crunching numbers to highlight the incredible income potential with this business. The only question, he says, is: how big do you want to grow?

He then officially announces his Recovery Rush system, designed to “put your career in the fast lane!” But here’s where it gets weird. I was expecting a course or coaching program, but no. You’d be joining John’s team and they’d do a lot of the tough stuff on your behalf.

Recovery Rush Pricing

The only thing you’d be responsible for is closing clients and reporting their results back to them. Hmm. So I’m guessing it’s almost impossible to do deals? Or why else would they cut us in on this “amazing opportunity?”

To me, the whole vibe is very MLM-y. I also found it quite confusing. I would think you’d need to be very good with numbers, as well, or you’d trip all over yourself when talking to potential clients. Last, if you’re introverted or hate sales, like me, you’d want no part of this.

Regardless of how much Recovery Rush costs, personally, it would never appeal to me. And I bet it’s not cheap. My guess is at least $12,000, with pay plans available.

For a simpler business where you don’t have to sell anyone anything, click the link below.

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