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Set Up My Ads Review: Cheap Leads With Vince Reed?

SetUpMyAds.com Video

Vince Reed, in his latest MTV Cribs-style ad says, “If you wanna know how to cut your lead cost in half and increase conversions, come on in, I got a special treat for ya.”

“I’m gonna show ya how I generate leads for as little as $1, even in today’s marketplace,” he promises. And, if you sign up for his masterclass, he’ll reveal his “T.M.P.R.S Formula” that fetches him more than 100 leads a day. Hmm.

We’ll see about that. Continue down the page for my review of SetUpMyAds.com. But first, here’s how we get premium leads without spending a dime on paid ads.

Who wants free leads?

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Now back to Vince. I’ve seen his name and beautiful bald head off and on over the years. If I remember correctly, he got his start in network marketing. Today, it seems, he’s pivoted to full-on advertising agency.

Let me opt-in to his funnel and hear what he has to say. I’ll try to find any chinks in his armor so you can make an informed decision on whether or not Set Up My Ads is right for you.

Is Vince Reed legit?

Vince Reed Founder Set Up My Ads

I press play and one thing’s clear: this is all pitch, no value. Vince says he wants to give you two of his best programs at no charge.

The first is called his T.M.P.R.S Formula. It’ll teach you the right way to structure your ads to keep costs well under the industry average.

The second is called Creating Omnipresence. This is Vince’s secret sauce. Inside, you’ll learn how to run retargeting ads across all platforms. That way, no matter where your prospects go online, your brand is always front and center.

What’s the catch? Well, the programs aren’t actually free. You can choose between a seven day trial, after which, you’ll be charged $97; or you can save some money and buy both programs today for $37.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or desire to purchase these courses and go through them.

But because I see Vince’s ads stalking me everywhere I go online, I gotta think he knows what he’s doing. So if paid ads is something you wanna get better at, the man’s made it incredibly inexpensive for you to learn from him.

Granted, I’m sure Vince has some upsells waiting for you after that initial purchase. And there was this negative review I came across.

SetUpMyAds complaint

Set Up My Ads Complaint

As you can see, Brian said he was “extremely disappointed” with Set Up My Ads, which did nothing but rob him of $297. Not only that, but something about cold calling owners and begging for their business.

If true, that’s a major red flag. Isn’t the whole point to master paid ads so you don’t have to do those soul-sucking tasks?

Or is Brian, here, not the brightest bulb? Maybe he ignored everything Vince said and had no clue what he was buying.

Side note: that’s why I personally don’t mess with low ticket. You attract low-level people and create headaches you don’t need. Ask Allie Bjerk, the Tiny Offer Queen. She knows.

Anyways, for what it’s worth, I think Vince Reed is one of the good guys online. I wouldn’t be concerned about him scamming you out of your money.

But on the other hand, regardless of how good his training is, no way the average person sees a positive return on paid ads. It’s too competitive. Only the gurus selling the courses are good enough to make it work. That’s my opinion.

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