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Retail Ecommerce Ventures Review (Alex Mehr, Tai Lopez)


“Every so often an opportunity arises that is so big you have to double check just to make sure it’s real,” says Tai Lopez, cofounder of Retail Ecommerce Ventures.

“And if you’re an investor, you’re probably doing your research right now, trying to predict what the next big thing is before the masses catch on,” he continues.

“Because one thing history teaches us is that those who catch a new trend early are rewarded handsomely.”

Well, Tai’s got good and bad news. But before I share what that is, you might wanna watch this.

Invest in digital assets

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Back to Tai: “The bad news is that most investors will never catch one of these aha moments. They’re too distracted following the crowd. But the good news is that a global shift of epic proportions just happened.”

“And what we predict to be 54 new investment opportunities have opened up right in front of our eyes. So, if you’re an accredited investor, it’s time to take action,” he says.

That’s why Tai and his business partner, Dr. Alex Mehr, created Retail Ecommerce Ventures.

They believe the low-hanging fruit, right now, is buying distressed brands. Specifically, retail brick and mortar stores—that you can buy for pennies on the dollar and revitalize and transform into e-com brands. 

Tai and Alex have already started doing this themselves. A few months back, they bought DressBarn—which used to be an offline chain of women’s clothing stores—and turned it into a digital storefront.

“You don’t need a Harvard MBA to know that the old saying ‘buy low, sell high’ still works,” Tai says.

But aren’t there better investment opportunities out there? Like real estate? Maybe, maybe not.

If you look at the Forbes list of billionaires, Tai points out, not a single one of the top 50 made their wealth in real estate. It was all through owning global physical brands.

Problem is, the little guy can’t compete with Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos or Warren Buffett. He simply doesn’t have enough money. Right? Well, not anymore.

“The times have changed, my friend,” Tai says, “and the prices have dropped. There’s a short window where direct investment into brands is now available to accredited investors who have some cash sitting aside.”

But don’t worry: you won’t need millions of dollars to get in the game, Tai reassures us: “If you join the proper pool of investors, you can get in for six figures.”

And sure, you could try investing in one of these distressed brands on your own, but a lot could go wrong; and the safe bet, Tai would have you believe, is to partner with them.

Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr want to gamble with your money

Alex Tai Private Plane

They’ve got the experience, having sold more than $1 billion dollars worth of ecommerce products collectively; plus, Tai and Alex have the right bank connections that you need to get early access to these types of deals.

Here’s the punchlines: their inner circle currently consists of more than 100 high net worth individuals. They estimate they need 400 more investors on board, to be able to take full advantage of future deals.

So if you’ve got some dough and you’re interested in co-investing with the Retail Ecommerce Ventures Investor Club, you can learn more here.

I’m just wondering what happens when you bet $300k on red and the business ball lands on green. My guess is Tai and Alex will be okay, because they’ll work in some fees and fine print that lowers their own personal risk.

Even still, should things go south, Retail Ecommerce Ventures might find themselves staring down the barrel of a class action lawsuit.

Just ask Grant Cardone, who’s in hot water right now thanks to his underperforming real estate investment scheme.

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