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Rex Moore The Motley Fool Net Worth, Timely Stock Tips

Rex Self Driving Ad

“Hi, I’m Rex Moore with The Motley Fool, in front of BMW’s self-driving exhibit at CES [an annual trade show] in Las Vegas,” Rex’s latest YouTube ad starts off.

“Now have you ever wondered how to invest in this revolutionary technology? Well, I’m gonna give you the top five things that you might wanna know about.”

Before I reveal Rex’s insights, here’s a semi-passive revenue stream you might consider adding to your portfolio.

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“Number one,” Rex continues, “it’s probably going to be bigger than you’re even imagining—and that’s great for investors.”

“Here’s what I mean: you, yourself, might be skeptical at the moment. Maybe you’ve been hearing about self-driving cars for years, but haven’t seen any proof that it’s going to happen. But I know through my sources that dozens of companies are working nonstop on all aspects of getting these [self-driving] cars to mass market,” he explains.

After riding in several, Rex knows firsthand how safe they really are. He predicts accidents and fatalities will plummet and insurance rates will fall, thanks to this technology. Traffic will become smoother; and commutes, shorter.

Because of this, he expects extremely fast acceptance and adoptance by the general public.

That’s why, now’s the time to invest—while stock prices are still low, before Wall Street catches on and drives ’em up.

“Which leads me to point number two: fortunes will be made,” Rex says.

As far as he’s concerned, the companies that produce this auto-driving tech will, in just a few years’ time, become household names. Like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

“But, point number three: not everyone will win,” Rex warns. “Remember, for every Amazon, there’s an Excite.com. For every Netflix, a Blockbuster.”

“Point number four: it’s happening sooner than you think. There are already partial self-driving vehicles on the road now,” he says, as the video shows a clip of him riding in the driver’s seat of a Tesla Model 3 with no hands on the wheel.

“And finally, point number five, here’s the twist: maybe the best way to invest in self-driving cars is to ignore the cars themselves,” Rex says.

“Here’s what I mean: all the talking heads in the media go on and on about Tesla and Uber and other big names, but they’re not telling you the really big story behind it all.”

“It’s the giant prize that Tesla and hundreds of other companies are chasing. It’s the ability to control the car that has my investor juices flowing.”

What Rex was getting at was, what if you could put your money behind a company that’ll eventually have their software in dozens of different makes and models of cars?

(Then your register might ring any time any number of cars roll off the ol’ assembly line, right?)

Lucky you, The Motley Fool has identified such a company. But there is a catch. You’ll have to sign up for their Stock Advisor service, and only then will they reveal what it is.

How rich is Rex Moore?

Rex Moore Income

As you know, Rex Moore works for The Motley Fool. He calls himself a stock analyst, financial writer, and “all-around video guy.”

Per his bio on The Motley Fool, he currently “travels the globe for TMF, bringing back video reports on conferences and companies that matter for investors.”

Unfortunately, Rex keeps his personal money matters close to his chest. We couldn’t find any reliable sources that listed how much he makes working for Fool or what his net worth might be.

But for a guy whose job it is to sell you market-beating picks, if he’s not a multi-millionaire, his articles and ads can go to hell.

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