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7 Viral Road Signs For Marketing Inspiration

Buckle Yolo Sign

The only time I’ve seen YOLO used without cringing.

Gobble Throttle Sign

Oh you got poems, huh?

Santa Speeding Sign

Yeah, well, I’m still waiting on that Original Nintendo I asked for.  So watch me do six over, you Jolly Jerk.

Camp Mountains Sign

OMG, can I get an amen?  (PS, and when you do, I hope you get mauled by that bear from The Revenant.)

Yah Blinkah Sign

Bedda get off here, bang a uey, and head to Dunkies for a lahge regulah!

Huge Suv Sign

Why do I sense sarcasm?

How Bout Dah Sign

Dr. Phil is smilin’ somewhere.

Here’s another one I saw – just yesterday – that stuck with me: “Drive hammered, get nailed.”


Now ask yourself: is your marketing more like “slow down,” “use turn signals,” “merge,” and “please drive safe?”

Or the funny, witty, memorable, shareable road signs above?

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