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The Rock Net Worth

The Rock Wealthy

The Rock net worth: Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is a pro wrestler turned actor with a net worth of $205 million dollars.

You’re probably familiar with his story: from college football, to the Canadian Football League, to one of the greatest and most popular WWE wrestlers ever, to highest-paid actor, to global superstar.  You name it, he can claim it.

And he’s probably collecting a check from it.  Yes, The Rock is rich and getting richer by the minute.  In fact, he now demands eight figures in advance for new movie roles.  How inspiring is that?

So let’s learn from the man, shall we?  Here are my three favorite business lessons from The Rock.

1) Greatness is a group project.  First generation millionaires like to emphasize self-made – and rightfully so – they’ve worked hard for it.  But, The Rock’s right.  Unless you surround yourself with other hungry, savvy, hard-working individuals, you’ll only get so far.  It’s true: teamwork makes the dream work.

2) Never forget where you came from.  From his teens to early 20s, Dwayne Johnson was practically penniless.  He even got evicted once.  But instead of suppressing those memories, The Rock uses ’em as motivation – as a reminder that mediocrity will pull your candy-ass back the minute you stop pushing forward.

3) Being yourself gives you the best shot at success.  When The Rock first transitioned to acting, they said: stop lifting, slim down, distance yourself from the wrestling world, drop The Rock moniker and corny catchphrases.  And for a while, he did.  But his movie career didn’t budge.  So he went back to what he knew best: being the eyebrow-raising, tattoo-wearing, muscly wrestler with the great smile.  And what do you know, leading roles were written for him.

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