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Joe Rogan Net Worth

Joe Rogan On Stage

Joe Rogan net worth: Joseph James Rogan is a comedian, podcaster and MMA commentator with a net worth of $70 million dollars.  Here are the top 10 things people wanna know about Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan High AF

1. Where is Joe Rogan from?  On August 11, 1967, Joe was born in Newark, New Jersey.  His family bounced around a lot, eventually settling near Boston.  His dad was a police officer.  Joe has said that his father was violent and abusive, but never towards Joe.  When Joe was five, his parents got a divorce.  He has not talked to his dad since age seven.  Joe graduated from Newton South High School in 1985.  He then went to University of Massachusetts Boston, but soon quit, calling it pointless.  At age 24, he moved to New York City.

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2. Did Joe Rogan ever fight?  Yes.  Joe started training mixed martial arts as a teenager, long before it was ever cool.  For him, it was a confidence booster.  By excelling at something that was both difficult and terrifying, he knew he could make something of his life.  He was big into karate and taekwondo.  At 19, he won the US Open Championship taekwondo tournament in the lightweight division.  In fact, for four years straight, he was the Massachusetts full-contact state champion.  He then went 2–1 as an amateur kickboxer before retiring at age 21.  He said he was concerned about the frequent headaches he was experiencing and didn’t want to risk a more severe injury.  Inspired by Royce Gracie in the early UFC days, Joe began training jiu-jitsu in 1996.  Today, he’s a black belt in gi and no-gi.  So while he’s never competed in the UFC himself, he can definitely hold his own.

Joe Rogan Pre Fight Commentary

3. Is Joe Rogan married?  Yes.  His wife’s name is Jessica Ditzel.  They’ve been married since 2009.  Like Joe, Jessica’s father was a comedian.  Jessica has a bachelor’s in Arts and Technical Theater from California State University, as well as a bachelor’s in Psychology and Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of Arizona.  She has modeled in the past.  Currently, she works as a TV producer.

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4. Does Joe Rogan have kids?  Yes.  He and his wife, Jessica, have three girls.  Two together (Lola and Rosy Rogan) and one from Jessica’s previous relationship (Kayja Nichole Connor), who Joe legally adopted in 2009.

Joe Rogan Podcast Spotify

5. What about Joe Rogan’s house?  In September of 2018, Joe Rogan bought a mansion in Bell Canyon, California for $4.95 million dollars.  It’s 8,720 square feet.  Six bedrooms, nine bathrooms.  Gorgeous mountain views.  Swimming pool, hot tub, BBQ, fire pit, floor-to-ceiling windows, the works.  Recently, Joe has talked about moving to Texas.  If he did, he would save millions since Texas has no state tax; whereas, California’s is the highest (at 13.3%) in the entire country.

Joe Rogan Leaning In

6. What does Joe Rogan believe in?  Joe was raised Catholic, but calls himself “agnostic” today.  Meaning, he’s unsure if there’s a God.  Politically, Joe considers himself fairly liberal.  He supports gay marriage, gay rights, women’s rights, universal healthcare, universal basic income, and is pro-guns.  He supports the use of (and occasionally experiments with) recreational drugs like weed and psychedelics.  He is currently on testosterone replacement therapy.  Joe meditates and uses isolation tanks regularly.  He is an avid hunter and got great results with a meat-only diet.

Joe Rogan Podcasting Studio

7. What is Joe Rogan’s height and weight?  Joe Rogan stands 5′ 7″ tall and weighs 185 pounds.  If he did fight in the UFC, this would make him a middleweight.

Joe Rogan Workout Plan

8. What are the main TV shows, movies and other projects Joe Rogan has done?  Outside of the obvious—UFC commentary, stand-up specials and hosting his popular podcast—Joe Rogan hosted NBC’s Fear Factor for eight years.  He played Frank Valente in the Fox sitcom Hardball.  Then Joe Garrelli in the NBC sitcom NewsRadio.  Then he co-hosted The Man Show on Comedy Central.  Then he hosted a CBS program titled Game Show in My Head, which was produced by Ashton Kutcher.  In 2011, he had a significant role in the movie Zookeeper.  In 2012, he played himself in Kevin James’ Here Comes the Boom flick.  In 2013, Rogan hosted six episodes of the SyFy network series, Joe Rogan Questions Everything.  He is featured in the UFC video game by EA Sports.  And he’s made cameos in a variety of films, documentaries, TV series, as well as online content.

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9. When did Joe Rogan start his podcast?  The first episode of The Joe Rogan Experience was filmed on December 24, 2009.  Joe and his friend—fellow comedian Brian Redban—basically just hit record and “began bullsh*tting.”  Nearly 1,500 episodes later (more by the time you read this), it’s now considered the number one podcast in the world.  He earns anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000 per episode.  At least, he did, till Spotify swooped in.

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10. Did Joe Rogan really sign a $100 million dollar deal with Spotify?  Indeed.  It’s a multi-year licensing deal that will make The Joe Rogan Experience exclusive to Spotify, beginning January 1st, 2021.  It is thought to be the largest single podcast deal to date.

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