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Rona Proof Masterclass Review, Cost, Concerns


Is Rona Proof Masterclass worth the price of admission? Which, real quick, is $1,597 plus a bunch of upsells? I think it comes down to the man behind it. Mr. Anthony Robinson.

Let me recap his story for you—and, by the end of it, you’ll know whether or not you can trust him. Alright? Here goes.

Tony “The Closer” Robinson grew up in North Philly. He was raised by a single mom who worked two fast food jobs just to get by.

At age 12, he moved to North Carolina to live with his dad because he kept getting into trouble. His dad was in the military at the time, so T Rob had to mind his Ps and Qs.

He began channeling all of his energy into football. He’d go on to become a college All American, followed by a brief stint at linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks.

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More impressive than going pro, though, was how he went about it. The year was 2006. Tony was fresh outta college, broke as hell, couch surfing, living off Ramen noodles and cereal. The draft came and went and his name didn’t get called.

But rather than give up on his dream, Tony got to work. He started uploading YouTube videos, showcasing his NFL-worthy workouts.

Then, with the help of a friend, he made a highlight reel of his most impressive college plays—with some 50 Cent songs bumpin’ in the background—and mailed a physical copy to every pro football personnel director and scout whose contact info he could find. He would then cold call them to follow up and ask if they’d watched it yet.

Well, eventually he gets through to someone on the Seahawks’ staff, and Tony gets him to rip open the envelope right there while Tony was still on the phone with him.

Moments later, Tony actually hears the dude’s CD-ROM drive (‘memba those things?) slide open, then Fiddy’s voice comes on, and that’s when he knew he’d made it. He’d gotten the guy to watch his homemade highlight reel and he was sure an invitation to tryout would soon follow.

He was right. Tony went and did his thing and made the team. How cool is that?!? To this day, he still gets chills just thinkin’ about it.

Funny thing is, after all that, his NFL career didn’t even last all that long. He ends up hurting his foot playing ball over in Europe, comes home, takes a job selling cars at a Dodge dealership.

Rona Proof Wholesaler

But guess what? Month one, he sold 23 cars. The average salesperson was only doing six to eight. So how’d he do it?

First and foremost, Tony immersed himself in the car biz. Next, he sold with total transparency. And empathy. He really put himself in their shoes and catered to them. Made ’em feel comfortable. Confident in the deal they were getting. Also, he used positioning. “I played in the NFL, man, I don’t need your money.”

Add it all up and that’s how Tony earned his nickname, “The Closer.” Now, at this point, life is good. He’s earning lots of money. Selling cars left and right. What could go wrong?

Welp, he got caught up in gambling, started living a little reckless, made a string of bad decisions, and, in 2017, finds himself behind bars for 63 days. Outta nowhere, Tony had hit rock bottom.

Upon release, he spent the next six months going to counseling and just working on himself. He forgave himself for the mistakes he’d made. Let go of a few grudges. Et cetera, et cetera. Then, once he was in a good place, Tony dove head-first into real estate.

Not surprising, he crushed that too. Tony applied the winning mindset, creativity, prospecting and sales skills he’d honed throughout his athletic and car selling careers, and turned it into six figures in his first 90 days!


Thousands of wholesale deals and roughly $10 million dollars later, Tony would launch the It’s Our Turn™ movement, a live event he calls the 100K Club, as well as a bestselling book titled The Closer’s 21 Proven Secrets to Close More Wholesale Deals in 30 Days with No Sales Experience.

That brings us full circle. In 2020, after the pandemic hit, Tony released his Rona Proof Wholesale Masterclass, which, thus far, has helped students pocket more than $1.3 million dollars in verified commissions.

That said, should you join ’em? I mean, if I wanted to learn virtual wholesaling—after hearing this dude’s story—he’s definitely someone I’d trust. No guru vibes. Brutally honest. Unique background. Overcame his fair share of adversity. And so on.

Personally, though, I’d be concerned about saturation. Just think about how many “how to make money wholesaling” courses and coaches you’ve seen. And if they’re all enrolling hundreds, or even thousands of students… do the math.

On top of that, my introverted ass would want no part of door knocking, cold calling, meeting up with people to do deals. Ugh. No thankies!

And since, what we do has basically all of the upsides of real estate with none of the downsides? Like, I’m good. I’ll just keep on keepin’ on. And I think, if you read every word of the article below, you’d understand why. And probably wanna join us. Here, prove me wrong.

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