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Ross Johnson Reviews: Coaching Coaches Con Man?


Ross Johnson, the 26 year old punk who sold more than a million dollars worth of high ticket clients, wants to show you how to start and grow your own profitable online coaching business. This, per his latest Facebook ad.

Should you trust him? Keep reading to find out. But first, here’s a practical way to earn some side money online:

Let’s continue. So I clicked Ross Johnson’s sidebar ad and landed here:

Ross Johnson Reviews

Moments later, I got the following email in my inbox:


Thanks so much for registering for my webinar on How To Start An Online Coaching Business & Get Your First Few High Value Clients.

I’m so excited for you to get this information…

Click Here To Watch The Webinar →

As a quick reminder, here’s what we’ll be covering on this webinar:

How To Start A Coaching Business From Scratch

How To Pick A Niche And Craft A Valuable Offer TODAY

How To Price Your Online Coaching Program In 2020

The Simple 4 Step Method To Get High Value Clients

Also – I have a very special EXTRA BONUS for you!!

Over the following days, I’ll send you some valuable emails every other day.

I’ll be sharing 100% totally free Masterclasses to help you grow your business… and many are just as good as the webinar you’re seeing today!

You’ll also get some case studies from existing and current clients of mine! You’ll get to see the real life results they got from implementing methods I show you in the webinar, combined with the strategies, techniques, and tactics that I’ll be emailing to you over the next few weeks!

Here’s a few examples of the emails you’re going to get:

Masterclass 1: How to Get Your First Online Client (Fast)

Masterclass 2: How to Get The Means to Invest in Mentors

What to charge for your program: the step-by-step strategy

Why you don’t need a big audience: get clients with no authority

How to stop attracting “bad” clients: the simple shift you must make

Client Interviews: success stories and what’s working right now

Business training: productivity, focus, planning, and more

So if you don’t want to miss any of this content, then I have one small request of you, and that’s to whitelist this email address! It’s the only way to ensure you’ll successfully receive these future emails (and get all this training).

If you need some instructions on how to do it you can Click Here.

Listen, please make sure to read these emails… because they are going to help you reach the next level in your growth and online business education.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling online, all of this info is just pure gold.

And the best part… it won’t cost anything!! What else could you ask for?!?

By the way, I share a lot of daily stuff on Instagram too.

If you want to connect there, you reach me at @rossjohnson. People often get results just from what I say on my stories there, so it might be worth it to give me a follow.

Remember, you registered for this webinar because you want to learn how to create a successful online coaching business and get more clients…

…and that is exactly what it will do for you!

Click here to watch NOW!

It won’t be up for long, so don’t delay!

I look forward to hearing about all of your success!!

Talk soon,


Ross Johnson
Founder & CEO of Scale Media
Let’s be friends on Instagram →

Scale Media
151 Calle de San Francisco
San Juan, PR 00646, Puerto Rico

After clicking the link in the email, I’m taken to his make-believe “live webinar,” which already has me annoyed:

Online Coaching Business Ross Johnson

That annoyance grows as I hit play and Ross spends an eternity getting to the point. “Jobs are risky. Coaching’s exploding. Here are some screenshots of my current clients crushing it. Oh, and now let’s talk about me for the next 30-minutes.” Ugh.

The other thing I didn’t like is that, after Ross’ first two info product businesses failed, he decided he’d be a “high performance coach.” Then a “productivity coach.”

Umm, okay. You don’t even have your own sh*t together, but now you’re gonna charge other people money to help ’em get their sh*t together?

Then, somehow, down to his last $35 and just days away from being homeless, Ross had an epiphany: why don’t I just start selling people what they need?

Soon, he was helping people grow their Instagram following (or something) and “landing big name clients.” Or so he says. He was very vague about the business. He didn’t mention the name of it or what type of clients he landed or how, exactly, he even helped them.

Nonetheless, Ross supposedly scaled that business to 7-figures. Then moved into coaching coaches. And here we are.

At this point, I’m starting to think he’s never made a dime outside of what he’s selling now. And that feeling is all but confirmed when he says he’s been featured on Forbes, Fox, Entrepreneur, and Inc.

Ross Johnson Forbes Entrepreneur

Yet, when I search for those exact titles, I don’t see him on any of those websites. Rather, I find this:

Ross Johnson Scammer

And it’s on a site nobody’s ever heard of called Future Sharks. Oh but it gets worse. Read the disclaimer below the photo. (Yep. Homeboy paid for that article!)

So lemme get this straight: Forbes, Fox, Entrepreneur, and Inc. never reached out to you like you said? And you were never featured on their websites? Like, at all? And the websites those articles were on… were absolute trash? And you spent actual money to get ’em published there? And then fabricated the whole story on your webinar? Bro.

I can’t. I’m shutting this nonsense off. That’s the last straw for me, Tanner Chidester Junior.

If you buy Ross Johnson’s The Inner Circle (which he was about to pitch before I bounced) for $297 per month plus whatever monstrous upsell he’s bound to hit you with, you, my friend, are a moron.

PS, if you look at this dude’s Instagram or Facebook page, he’s wearing the same outfit and glasses and his hair and face look the same in all these pics taken all over the globe. And there’s almost never anyone else in the pictures.

Now I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but I’m just sayin’. Like, you don’t think he photoshopped himself into all these cool-looking stock photos for clout, do ya?

Here’s just a handful of examples:

Ross Johnson Facebook Ross Johnson Car Ross Johnson House Ross Johnson Instagram Ross Johnson Vacations

My man either loves that outfit more than life itself or somethin’ fishy’s goin’ on here. You be the judge. Either way, I’m tappin’ out.

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