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The 7 Sad Truths Most People Share

Non-Millionaire Truths

And most people, keep in mind, will never see a seven figure year.  Brace your boobies, here goes.

1) Most people are dying at 23 and making it official at 83.

2) Most people crave adventure, but mope around for decades without ever doing anything about it.

3) Most people cross their fingers and hope and pray someone or something will rescue them from the ho-hum life they’re living.

4) Most people believe “working for the man” is safe; while working for yourself is risky.  This, despite computers and robots and e-commerce wiping out jobs left and right.

5) Most people think playing by the rules will get them farther ahead in life.  Even though, today, success gravitates towards rule breakers, outcasts, and those who dare to be different.

6) Most people sit shotgun in life, while fear steers.  Then wonder how they ended up in the ditches of their dreams.  (Is it just me or does that deserve a spot in the Quotes Hall of Fame?)

7) Most people want more.  More memories, pleasure, peace, happiness, money, freedom, security, excitement, love, stories to tell their kids, and so on.  But then they settle for society’s standards.

Millyuns is written for not most people.  It’s the antidote to average.  Pat yourself on the back for even being here.

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