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Saint Jhn Net Worth

Saint Jhn Modeling

Saint Jhn net worth: Carlos St. John, known professionally as Saint Jhn (styled SAINt JHN) is a rapper with a net worth of $2 million dollars.  If you call yourself a Saint Jhn fan, read on.

Saint Jhn Come Up

1. Saint Jhn was born on August 26, 1986 in Brooklyn, New York.  He’s Guyanese and spent some of his childhood living in Guyana.  His father wasn’t in the picture and they were dirt-poor.  He sold drugs for a minute, but was almost “too pretty” to pull it off.  At age 12, Saint Jhn, inspired by his big brother who was always rapping with neighborhood friends, began making music.  He wrote his first song as a freshman in high school.

Saint Jhn Middle Fingers

2. While visiting LA to try and break into the music industry, Saint Jhn met a guy named Zach Katz, who’s now the chairman of BMG publishing.  Zach told him, if he wanted to make a million dollars, he should write songs for established artists, rather than starting out as a rapper himself.  So he did.

Saint Jhn Outside

3. After getting denied by Rihanna, Saint Jhn would go on to score writing credits for Beyoncé, Jidenna, Hoodie Allen, Usher, Nico & Vinz, Kiesza and more.  Turned out, Zach was right.  Saint Jhn’s phone was ringing, and he was making good money as a songwriter.  Just one problem.  He got sick of other artists telling his story.  He wanted to be the one rapping and singing the words he’d written.

Saint Jhn Legs Out

4. Fact is, “Music is sound and energy.  It’s so simple.  Everybody’s voice carries a different sound and a different energy,” he told Ssense.  “If I tell you to sing my song and you sing it, even if you sing it well, you can’t sing it with the same energy.  Especially if it’s my story and it’s born from pain.  How could you ever capture that in the same way?” he explained.

Saint Jhn Fire Rug

5. Enter Saint Jhn, the artist.  And smash singles like “Roses,” which has touched the tops of charts in the US, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Ireland, and New Zealand.  (The remix with Future is my favorite.)  Saint Jhn also created the Gødd Complexx, a group of his “day ones” that create rap in its most modern form.

Saint Jhn Hands On Abs

6. When asked to describe his sound—now that he’s putting out his own music—Saint Jhn told The Fader: “I think it’s challenging trying to describe my sound.  Not because I’m making some experimental martian music, but because it’s a little broader.  The things that you’ve heard are only fragments and small fractions of what you’re going to hear.  I don’t want to give you the opportunity to find a box to put me in; figure it out later.  When the records come out song by song, you’ll hear it and get to determine how you want to classify me.”

Saint Jhn Porsche

7. Who inspires Saint Jhn, nowadays?  His answer was interesting: “That’s a daily thing that changes on a daily basis.  A simple answer for that?  Poverty inspires me.  I don’t come from nothing and I remember real vividly every day, everything that I do that feels new, any type of luxurious experience that I have, I remember where I came from.  Sometimes something feels foreign to me.  It’s because I’m not used to having much.  That inspires me.  I want to go forward.  It’s so much I haven’t done.”

Saint Jhn Screw Em

8. Saint Jhn’s mom is a minister and he grew up in a church, so it’s only right he created a clothing line branded Christian Sex Club, featuring tees, hoodies, sweats, socks, even face masks.

Saint Jhn Rockstar

9. Saint Jhn may have taken the backroads, but it’s safe to say, he’s arrived.  “I think I deserve to be in every room that I’m in.  I think I’m qualified to be there.  I think my talent says it all and my skill set says it all.  My ability to craft records says it all.  I still have out-of-body experiences.  If you put me in a room with someone else I’m going to be like, ‘Yo dude, do you know who you are?  Do you know?  I know.  I grew up listening to you.’  But, I feel like I belong wherever I am,” he says.

Ghetto Lenny Instagram

10. Outside of music and fashion design, Saint Jhn has modeled for Gucci via their “Guilty” campaign, alongside fellow model and filmmaker, Adesuwa Aighewi.  Oh, and ladies, there’s still a chance: Saint Jhn is single and has no kids.

Saint Jhn Extreme Lean

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