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The Sales Mentor Reviews (Payton Welch Gets Exposed)

TheSalesMentor.com Ad

“Do you want to earn a living online?” asks Payton Welch in his latest YouTube ad for The Sales Mentor. “Well, the reality is you have two options.”

“First, you could build a business like all these other two hour webinars are telling you to do, and you can spend the next two years working 70-hour weeks, on top of your 9 to 5, until you get things off the ground. Nothing wrong with that,” he continues.

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“But I’ll prove to you in a second why you’d actually be taking the long route because there’s another option. And just like the 1,621 people who’ve used that option to replace their 9 to 5 within 21 days, you’ll see, clear as day, how you can get all the good things you want.”

“Like money, freedom, fulfillment—without all the bad things you don’t want. Like building websites, marketing your services, dealing with suppliers, doing customer support, or doing all the business building that they don’t tell you about till after you drop $997 on their hot new course.”

Payton then wags his finger at what everyone else is teaching: growing an agency, launching a course, coaching coaches, real estate investing, et cetera—pointing out all the pitfalls, even though his parent company, Traffic and Funnels, teaches most of it. Hilarious.

Lucky for us, though, Payton has just the thing to save us from the templated, suffocating lifestyle we’ve been living.

It involves learning one high-demand skill and then tapping into a booming $129 billion dollar industry—loaded with rich business owners who’d like nothing more than to stuff your pockets with daily commissions, says Payton.

Oh, and all you need to partake is a phone and a six-page PDF document.

So what is it, right? It’s becoming a high-ticket phone closer. Basically, you spend 45-minutes pacing around your home, sweating bullets, while you talk to Jan, from Waverly, Iowa, about cashing out her 401(k) so she can plop down eight racks for a how to do land deals mentoring program she’ll probably never make money with.

And you do it all day long. And if someone actually buys, sure, they’ll toss ya 10 to 15%.

If you listen to Payton’s pitch, he makes it sound much sexier than I do.

Can you trust Payton Welch?

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He uses numbers that are much better than what would play out in the real world. He forgets to factor-in no-shows, refunds, chargebacks, or the fact that most of these pricey programs struggle to get a steady flow of quality leads.

Meaning, there’ll be days and weeks where you wouldn’t even have calls to take; and even if you did, chances are, the applicants haven’t been properly screened and so now you have to squeeze blood from a turnip.

That said, if you luck out and get in with a guru who’s got everything dialed, yes, I agree with Payton: becoming an inbound closer could be a faster, easier way to escape the rat race, as compared to starting your own business.

For example, the students who take calls for my mentor’s program? It’s not uncommon for them to make $10 to $20k per month or more.

But the offer practically sells itself. And then you got me, putting prospects two inches from the pin; so by the time these people hop on the phone to talk to someone about enrolling, it’s an easy tap in.

With other programs, you’d be trying to knock it in from 150 yards out. See what I’m sayin’?

I really don’t have any beef with what these guys are selling, just how they’re going about it. The picture they’re painting simply ain’t accurate.

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