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The Motley Fool’s Sam Barker Calls This Stock The Next Amazon

Sam Barker Fool

Sam Barker, copywriter for The Motley Fool, just popped up in a pre-roll ad. “Behind me is Landmark Mall; or what used to be,” he begins.

“What once was a bustling and booming shopping center just a stone’s throw away from The Motley Fool headquarters is now a sad shell of its former self.”

“In fact, the parking lot now is pretty much just a hub for Amazon Prime delivery vehicles. But if you think Amazon is behind this retail apocalypse, think again,” he says.

“Because it’s not just Landmark Mall. This death of retail is sweeping through the nation.”

Cool story Sam, what are you getting at?

“Well, as an investor,” he continues, “I look at this like one of the prime buying opportunities you only see once in a blue moon.”

“And, we think one stock in particular is positioned to reap the rewards of this e-commerce boom. And it’s not Amazon. In fact, the CTO of this company said their platform is handling ‘Black Friday levels of traffic every day.'”

The video then cuts to a graph where Sam shows how, in early 2020, in a matter of about two months, the eCom industry saw nearly a decade of growth.

And, lucky you, The Motley Fool has identified a handful of under-the-radar eCom stocks that you can throw a saddle on and ride to the top.

All you gotta do, Sam says, is grab their new, no-obligation free report.

It’s called The Next Amazon

Deat Of Retail Reddit

What’s inside? Apparently, it covers not only the one stock Team Fool thinks could very well be the next Amazon, but as a bonus, they’ll throw in an additional four stock picks set to cash-in on this retail apocalypse.

The catch? You have to sign up for The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor service, which gives you two new picks each month and promises market-beating returns—all for $39 a month or $99 a year.

The YouTube ad ends with Sam telling you to click the button and enter your email to get started.

Great ad. Helluva cliffhanger. I wanted to sort of transcribe it because it must be killing it for ’em.

At the time of writing this, that ad has been viewed nearly 16 million times; and, by my estimate, The Motely Fool has spent nearly a million dollars running it—just in the last 30 days!

I bet they’ve added hundreds of thousands of emails to their list and sold thousands of subscriptions to their Stock Advisor thingy thanks to Sam’s clever 4:45 pitch.

Put this one in your swipe file, boys and girls.

The Motley Fool’s “Death of Retail” ad

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