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Cory Sanchez Mojo Global Review

Mojo Calendar Buster YouTube Ad

Cory Sanchez from MojoCalendarBuster.com just hit me with this YouTube ad, saying he’ll teach me his mysterious “PIEDVC Method” his agency has been using to help their clients book more than one million appointments, banking them a staggering nine-figures in revenue… using only LinkedIn! Can you trust him? You’re about to find out. But first, a word from my mentor:

Cool, back to Cory Sanchez and what’s clearly gonna be a training on using LinkedIn to get leads. His landing page is clean and simple and compelling enough, so what the heck, I went ahead and gave him my email.

Mojo Global Squeeze Page

Cory Sanchez’s opt-in page for this particular Mojo Global offer.

A few minutes later, I got an email which read:


Full Calendar Training Course Delivery




Full Calendar Training Course

Thanks for viewing my full calendar training.

Here is the promised training breaking down the system we used to help our clients book over 1,000,000 appointments and generate over 9-figures in revenue.


– Cory Michael Sanchez

Then, when I clicked the link, I got taken to a landing page that looked like this:

Get Clients With LinkedIn Cory Sanchez

Cory Sanchez talks about filling your calendar with LinkedIn.

Again, a user-friendly layout. And I loved how he gives you a preview of what’s to come in the video, so you know if you wanna stick around till the very end. So many gurus just slop their marketing funnels together without even considering what the experience will be like for their prospects and how easy (or hard) it’ll be for ’em to actually consume their material. Especially on mobile, which can get real cluttered real fast.

That said, if his video doesn’t live up to the hype, it’s all for nothing, right? So lemme press play on this puppy and share some of the highlights below, as I go through it:

  • Cory and his business partner, Ira Rosen, have been using this strategy for years, and he does show their Authorize.net and PayPal accounts—each displaying well over seven-figures in income for the last two years.
  • And it wouldn’t be a proper pitch without showing off some of their current members’ wins, now would it? So he definitely does that. Which I’m so over, and already ranted about on my Art of Sales review, so I’ll spare ya.
  • One of the keys to profiting with LinkedIn, Cory explains, is setting up your profile properly. You wanna call out your ideal client right away, to repel the wrong people and attract the right ones. For example, you might write “Done-for-you lead generation for attorneys” on your header image.
  • You’ll also want a clear call-to-action. “Call this number” or “Visit [URL] to register for my on-demand webinar.”
  • Next, don’t forget the benefits. “No more cold-calling” and “Leads lined up to work with you,” for instance.
  • The beauty of LinkedIn, adds Cory, is that, with the right targeting and messaging, you can bypass the gatekeepers (secretaries and such) and speak directly with the decision-makers.
  • Unfortunately, he never specifically breaks down what the PIEDVC Method stands for; although he did offer up some decent tips.
  • He wraps up the video with about a five-minute pitch to book an appointment so they can fill in the gaps, and obviously attempt to sell you into their high-ticket coaching program.
  • How much does Mojo Global’s “Get Clients With LinkedIn” course cost? Your guess is as good as mine. He sorta tiptoed around that question.

Thanks for reading this review (-ish) of Cory Sanchez and Ira Rosen’s latest LinkedIn lead-getting system. You should probably read this before you go:

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