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Vince Sant Net Worth: How Rich Is The V Shred Guy?

Vince Sant With Dog

Vincent Seth Sant is the face of V Shred, the viral fitness, nutrition and supplement company he cofounded in 2015 along with Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, and Kevin Pearn.

Their mission? To help ordinary people get max results with “minimum effective dose” workouts and eating plans you can actually stick with for the long-term.

They don’t believe in extreme workouts, crash diets or quick fixes. Nope.

V Shred takes a practical approach to fitness

“My body fluctuates daily. I have days where I miss the gym. I have days I don’t stick to my diet. I don’t care about being 5% body fat or a massive bodybuilder,” Vince explains.

“I wanna feel good, look good and enjoy balance in life,” he continues.

“This is the emphasis of everything we talk about at V Shred and Sculpt Nation—becoming happier with yourself and improving everyday without giving up your life,” he says.

Well, whatever he’s doing, it’s working.

Vince and his girlfriend steaming up the camera

Vince Sant Instagram

The personal trainer and former fitness model now spends his days taking shirtless selfies and filming infomercial-style ads that get served up to millions of men and women all over the globe.

Some of them will click through, answer a series of questions about where they’re at and where they’re trying to go in terms of body composition, triggering a video pitch for the perfect V Shred product for their situation.

It’s brilliant marketing; and, based on how aggressive V Shred has been running ads over the years, it’s obviously paying dividends.

Also, think about it. V Shred sells digital products and inexpensive-to-make supplements, so you know they have very little overhead. Mainly, just their ad spend.

And you wouldn’t spend millions of dollars on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook ads if you weren’t seeing a return, right?

So V Shred’s gotta be just printing money over there. Which begs the question: how rich is Vince Sant?

Vince Sant’s net worth

Vince Sant Vacation Photo

Only Vince and his accountant know for sure, but based on our estimate, his net worth is likely in the neighborhood of $6.5 million dollars.

Now. Other than looking the part, if there’s one takeaway you can learn from V Shred’s success, it’s this: get good at copy.

“I get questions all the time about how people [can] get started doing what I do and what they should start learning,” Vince says.

“And copywriting is always my number one answer. It’s a useful skill no matter what industry you’re in and makes a massive difference in your ability to resonate with people.”

Amen. Typing words—whether in a blog post like this, or a long Facebook newsfeed ad, or an email follow-up, a local lead gen website, or even a script for a YouTube video—has made me a millionaire many times over.

So make sure you’re reading and writing and building your swipe file daily. Even if it’s just a few minutes here and there. Trust me, it’ll compound, like anything else.

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