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Matt Sapaula Net Worth, PHP Agency Millionaire


Matt’s new Rolls Royce Ghost

Matt Sapaula was in the Marine Corps for eight years. After he got out, he took $500 and used it to get licensed to sell life insurance in California.

For 12 years, he was a personal producer. In fact, he was the number one salesperson out of 25,000 licensed agents. This, despite having zero experience in business, sales, or even insurance.

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The more money he made, the more he reinvested back into himself. Books, self-study courses, college, coaching, you name it.

“I figured out there were three major skills I needed. The first was how to get along with people. So I learned human nature. I learned body language. Human interaction,” Matt said.

“The second thing is financial literacy. Basic knowledge of money. Basic budgeting. Basic understanding of financial statements. Insurance 101. Understanding 401(k)s, retirement plans. Basic articulation and vocabulary of this category. Nothing fancy. Nothing crazy.”

“And the third area here—of basic skills you need in order to be successful—is that I needed to embrace personal development and leadership development. I had to grow. I had to develop as a human being,” he explained.

Matt Sapaula Flight

The proud military vet has a cool camo drip

His career exploded, though, when he met his mentor: Mr. Valuetainment himself, Patrick Bet-David. Matt went from burnt-out, multiple-six-figure earner to multi-millionaire, with a much better work-life balance.

The key? Systems and scalability. Of course, that came in the form of joining Patrick’s network marketing company (which just so happened to sell life insurance), called the PHP Agency.

Personally, I’d rather sleep on a stained mattress left on the side of the street for bulk pickup than join an MLM, but good for Matt. Five years and $42 million in sales later, he’s not regretting his decision to get involved.

How much of that did Matt personally pocket? Dunno. But it appears he now has equity in the company. On his homepage, Matt lists himself as co-owner and Chief Distribution Officer of PHP Agency, Inc. Hmm. Well-played.

Matt Sapaula Marine Office

Matt Sapaula doing his thing at the office

On top of that, taking a page outta Patrick’s playbook, Matt’s become somewhat of an online influencer himself. His YouTube channel—7 Figure Squad, which is all about becoming a first generation millionaire—has been steadily gaining subscribers over the past few months.

His Instagram account—@MoneySmartGuy, where he shares a mix of motivational content, family stuff, general business advice, and a splash of lifestyle marketing—has nearly 400k followers.

Matt appears to monetize his audience via merchandise sales, ad revenue, speaking engagements, and coaching. Oh, and indirectly recruiting people into the PHP Agency. Let’s not forget that.

Anyhoo. All income streams considered, we believe Matt Sapaula has a net worth of approximately $6.5 million dollars.

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