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Sara Finance Net Worth: TikTok, Shopify, YouTube Income

Sara Finance Dropshipping

Sara Finance is makin’ money moves.

Sara Finance was raised by a single mother and grew up poor. “To be honest, I spent most of my childhood playing Minecraft,” she said. At 15, she got her first job working at Tim Horton’s (a coffee and donut joint that’s popular in Canada). The plan was to save up for her post-high school plans to become an airline pilot.

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But between school and 40 hour work weeks, she started getting stressed out and so she began looking for ways to make money online. Of all the business models she came across, Shopify dropshipping stuck out the most. It was one of those infamous “Here in my garage” Tai Lopez ads that sealed the deal for her.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as easy as Tai made it seem. Sara struggled for nearly two years before she saw any money. But boy, when she did, it really took off. Just two months later, she’d profited around $60,000.

“This was a huge turning point in my life,” Sara recalled, “because I realized I could literally do anything I wanted. And having that mindset is why I am where I am today.” By age 18, after all taxes and expenses were paid, Sara had saved up $80,000. She didn’t stop there. She kept going, even taking some of the profits and investing them in the stock market.

Still, her mom pressured her to give college a try. So she did. But she only made it a semester before dropping out. With more free time, she got a job at a local bank, calling it her “side hustle slash safety net.” When she wasn’t working there, Sara continued to take her dropshipping business to the next level.


“Don’t sleep on TikTok,” says Sara Finance.

Obviously, a while later, she cut the safety net and quit her job at the bank. Business was steady and she was pouring more and more profit into the stock market, which was now making her more money than her actual Shopify store was.

Today, at age 19, Sara Finance says she’s pulling in about $50k per month. Here’s the breakdown: her Shopify store is netting her about $30k per month; she also has over 600,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares business and money advice, and makes around $15k per month through sponsorships and affiliate links; then there’s YouTube, which makes her about $5k per month. Add it all up, and there’s your fiddy Gs.

Where Sara’s been smart is finding ways to drive traffic to her Shopify store organically, without having to pay for ads, like so many other dropshippers do. Just posting to Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok has been her bread and butter. Once she feels as though she’s plateaued with free traffic, she’s not opposed to trying her hand at Facebook ads—to scale the store to six figures per month.

More recently, Sara’s added two e-learning programs to her portfolio: stock market mentoring for beginners and then a dropshipping course. Those oughta give her a nice boost in monthly income as well.

So what’s Sara Finance’s net worth? At the time of writing this, based on everything she shared, it’s gotta be around $500,000. But at this rate, she should be a millionaire before her 21st birthday. Incredible! Congrats to her.

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