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Lisa Sasevich Net Worth


Lisa Sasevich says there’s a knowing, a feeling that won’t go away, in every single one of us—that we are meant for more. “To give more, to contribute more, to create more abundance, to help more,” she told Bedros Keuilian recently. So she wrote a book about it: Meant for More is designed to help you reach your highest potential and turn your knowledge into profit.

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The first piece of the formula, Lisa explains, is to make peace with sales. Part of that is reframing what sales is in your mind; the other part is simply making your offer so good that customers will literally thank you for creating it. It’s not that there won’t be any tension throughout the sales process, but the tension needs to come from within them. Like, they need what you have so bad, they feel angst not pulling the trigger.

Second, you need to discover your unique value. What is it about you, your product or service that’s positively different? Once you know that, of course, you have to put it out there and make your prospects aware of it. Last, you roll all of the above into an offer that invites pursuit. Make ’em come to you, not the other way around.

Another good tip Lisa had, especially for those who sell their expertise as opposed to a physical product, is to ask yourself: “What could make my intangible service more tangible in my client’s mind?” And that comes down to making sure you’re communicating what you offer in the form of a system. So you’re not just marketing features and benefits, but rituals and frameworks.

Lisa Meant For More

Lisa Sasevich looks like a million bucks.

On that note, here’s her system for getting yourself or your team to take inspired action: “Here’s the formula—and the faster you can work through these three steps, well, money loves speed. The formula for inspired action is: listen, act, trust,” Lisa says. “Listen to that little voice. Take that action on that high-vibe thought, as fast as you can. Then, rest trust in the decision you made. Don’t second guess. Just keep going forward with the next inspired action.”

Lisa Sasevich was forced into entrepreneurship after unexpectedly getting fired from her cushy corporate gig just two days before Christmas. She launched her home-based business soon after. Her company, The Invisible Close, helps people earn more by doing what they love, without being pushy or sales-y. To date, Lisa has done more than $40 million in sales, assisting more than 15,000 clients in over 134 countries. She’s graced the Inc. 500 twice, in back-to-back years.

Nicknamed the “Queen of Sales Conversion,” Lisa’s overall mission is to “help people make the difference they know they were put here to make, and make great money doing it.” She resides in San Diego with her husband and two teenage kids. Based on everything she’s shared, we would estimate her net worth at around $10 million dollars. For more on Lisa and her latest book, here’s that interview I was telling you about.

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