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Saweetie Net Worth

Saweetie Wealth Report

Saweetie net worth: Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, aka Saweetie, is a rapper with a net worth of $2 million dollars. So what’s her deal? Read on.

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1. Saweetie’s birthday is July 2, 1993. She was born in Hayward, California and went to high school just outside of Sacramento. Her dad is African American and her mom is Chinese, but was born and raised in the Philippines. She has two sisters (Maya and Milan) who are twins. After graduating high school, Saweetie enrolled in San Diego State University and later transferred to the University of Southern California where she majored in business and communications.

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2. Saweetie began writing poetry at an early age and performing at open mic nights and school talent shows. She transitioned to songwriting at 13, but didn’t seriously pursue a music career until she completed college. (With a 3.6 GPA, thank you very much.) In late-2013, she began posting short videos of her freestyles to Instagram. In mid-2017, Saweetie uploaded her song “Icy Grl” to SoundCloud. It went viral, receiving more than 100 million YouTube views in the next two-and-a-half years.

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3. That caught the attention of popular producer and A&R big shot, Max Gousse, who then became her manager. In February of 2018, Saweetie appeared in a Super Bowl ad for Rihanna’s cosmetic line, called Fenty Beauty. Later that month, she signed to Warner Records in partnership with Artistry Worldwide, alongside her label—Icy Records.

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4. On using the internet to blow up, she told Forbes: “I got into the music industry through social media. There’s a lot of debates whether it’s good for you or bad for you. I mean there are some cons but for a business front, social media has catapulted my music career. Like I don’t have to stand on the street and hand out mixtapes. I mean, I can literally hashtag and get under some good lighting, look cute, spit some bars and if it’s good, go viral. That’s literally how I got my jump to my career.”

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5. Regarding her stage name, it’s actually pronounced Sweetie, not suh-weetie, as you might expect, based on the spelling. So how’d she get it? Well, she was a little jealous that everyone on Myspace had these cool nicknames, and she had nothing, so she just went with what her grandma had always called her—which was “sweetie”—but changed the spelling to spice it up.

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6. There was a brief time, right after college and right before “Icy Grl” went viral, where Saweetie wasn’t sure music was ever gonna happen. She was broke and applied for three different hospital jobs, and also thought about doing hair for a living, before realizing her heart wasn’t in any of that. To survive, while she honed her rapping skills, she used her influencer status to sell a line of hats from a collection called The Money Club, in exchange for a small commission.

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7. Saweetie is a big thinker and a hard worker. “The fact that I make my own money and pay my own bills and drive my own car makes me feel powerful,” she says. “I have my own team that works for me. In five years, I see myself being one of the top artists in the world, I see myself having a successful merchandise line, I see myself having a couple leading roles, I see myself having a successful foundation that gives back to my community.”

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8. Saweetie has several rich and famous relatives. Actress Gabrielle Union is her cousin. So is the award-winning producer, Zaytoven, who she grew up with and now frequently collaborates with. One of her other cousins is the son of music legend, MC Hammer. Also, her grandpa, Willie Harper, played pro football for the 49ers.

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9. In September of 2019, Saweetie partnered with PrettyLittleThing, a fashion retailer located in the United Kingdom, to create a 59-piece clothing collection that debuted during New York Fashion Week. The theme? “A boujee rich girl enjoying the finer things in life. I want to show the boys and girls that if you hustle hard, your work will pay off,” she said.

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10. Saweetie dated Diddy’s oldest son, Justin Combs, while at USC. She then dated actor Keith Powers for four years. She began dating Migos member, Quavo, halfway through 2018. She does not have any kids.

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