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Seven Figure Quotes

I’m surprised how much I write about quotes.  A few years ago, if a friend posted an inspirational quote on Facebook, I’d wish bad things for them.

Like, their takeout order gets messed up.  Or their internet goes out and they have to unplug and reset the router.  Or they have to sneeze really bad, but can’t.

What can I say?  I’m savage like that.

But that’s how stupid I thought quotes – and the people who shared ’em – were.  Me?  I was too busy working to waste time on such mental masturbation.

I also thought the self-help industry was filled with con artists: authors publishing books loaded with clever clichés, but never revealing the how-to; speakers standing on stage, repeating the best of what they read in those books, knowing nobody’s gonna do anything once the seminar’s over; online gurus packaging it all up and selling silver bullet eBooks, audios, and videos.  Barf.

But that was then; today’s different.

Now I’m a quote connoisseur.  I research and read and write about and study and immerse myself in wise sayings about health, wealth, happiness, love, and life.  And I do this daily.

What changed?  Two things.

One, I realized mindset is not a game.  Before, I completely neglected attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, associations, friendships, “mental diet”… and how it all collectively controlled my life.

All I cared about was working hard and becoming a millionaire.  If I did that, I figured everything else would fall into place.  But it didn’t.  I started to make good money, but that was it.  I was just me with more money.  Hooray.

Not the worst person to be, but where was all the exhilaration that accompanies being rich?  And where’d my abs go?  And is this it?  Do I just sit behind the computer and work more and watch my bank account grow bigger and repeat until I die from too much coffee and Red Bull?

Something was missing.  I could be healthier, happier, make even more money, put it to better use.  I just didn’t know how.

Until, that is, I gave personal development a chance.  And began reading and listening to the very experts I used to laugh at.  And now I’ve done a complete 180.  Now I’m the quote douche.

That’s because I was wrong.  Mindset matters.  Bigly.

It’s the gateway to energy, gratitude, joy; better relationships; a slim waist; clear mind; strong vision; more meaning; and don’t forget, your first or next million.

And that’s why I’m going quote crazy with Millyuns.

Especially because, number two, learning gobbles up so much time.  Reading books and listening to podcasts and watching videos and flying across the country to attend seminars is great and all, but if you’re not careful, that’s all you ever get done.

And let’s be honest: you have to sit through a lot of filler to get the killer.  Doncha?

That’s where quotes come in handy.  You get the best ideas and biggest takeaways, from the brightest minds, in a tiny fraction of the time.

Great quotes are a cheat sheet for your most important test – life.  They’re the fastest, most efficient means to a better you.  As long as you do something with ’em.

Which is what almost all quote sharers forget.  As if reading them, alone, is the recipe for livin’ in a mansion, dating a supermodel, and having a perfect golf swing.  Nah, bruh.

Consistent execution and application of the concepts revealed within the quotes is where the magic happens.

Without hard work, my original stance was accurate: quotes are simply a pleasurable but unproductive way for wantrepreneurs to pass time.

This is why we also publish articles on skills and exercises and examples of millionaires – so you have every piece necessary to complete the seven figure puzzle.

Make sense?  Cool.

So take these quotes serious.  Don’t just cruise through ’em and think, “Oh that was nice.”

You gotta really study them.  Take notes.  Read notes.  Often.

And let the wisdom guide sickening levels of effort, religiously, day after day, until habits take over.

If you do that, you won’t recognize yourself a year from now.  In a good way.

Quotes, with the right context so you fully understand ’em, then lots of action based on them… are the compound interest of a fulfilled life.

Word to Warren.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.