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Scaling With Systems Reviews (Ravi Abuvala)


This muscly masked man from Get Scaling claims scaling your business is easier than you think.

And when you click his latest Facebook ad, he’d like you to sign up for a free training that’ll reveal “the three-step cash machine that spits out high-ticket clients every six-and-a-half days and can be setup in under 10-minutes.”

Before I review his Scaling With Systems program, though, here’s a straightforward way to build residual income online. My mentor—with the weird hair—taught me this a few years ago. Tell me it’s not the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

Scaling with simple systems

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Okay, time to Get Scaling. In their free training, they’re also gonna cover:

  • How to growth hack like an elite entrepreneur, even if you don’t have deep pockets.
  • How to fill your calendar with premium prospects and outsource every step to a virtual assistant.
  • The new way to build your sales team such that they’re paying you each and every month.
  • The “7-Hour Rule” that basically guarantees you’ll close clients on the first call.

Alright, I went ahead and entered my name and email and was redirected to the video, as promised. Apparently, the guy’s name from the “thristy” Facebook ad is Ravi Abuvala.

Ravi Abuvala reviews “scaling secrets”

Scaling With Systems

I press play and Ravi says this is only for those who are already making $10,000 or more per month, who’d like to scale to $500,000 per month while being more efficient.

If that’s you, he’s got good news: making that jump to a half a million a month is simpler (not easier) than you think. It really comes down to four things:

  1. A proven product-market fit.
  2. Consistent messaging.
  3. A predictable sales process.
  4. And a hyper-scalable offer.

And, if you need help, Ravi and team have a mastermind with your name on it. Here are the advantages.

The Scaling With Systems Accelerator

Scaling With Systems Mastermind

Basically, you’d get everything, including the kitchen sink and all the dirty dishes in it. It’s a compelling offer and Ravi warns it’s not cheap, but you’d need to book a call to figure out the exact cost. I guess at least $12k.

My gut says Ravi’s legit. But it also says he’s too smart for his own good. Or at least for my taste.

It’s funny: he talked about simplicity, but then proceeded to make each step sound painful and complicated. Reminded me of my Agency Rocket Fuel review.

Good guys, in both cases, but personality-wise? Pass! We’re on totally different wavelengths. Put it this way: I’d rather lick a frat house toilet than create “standard operating procedures” for my business.

Me? I’m a one-man show who makes millions of dollars year after year. I type, hit publish, rank in Google, and collect checks.

Just looking at Ravi’s mind map made me wanna day drink. No way I’d ever implement all that nonsense. Even if they hired, trained and managed a virtual assistant on my behalf.

I can’t be bothered to babysit some $4/hour asshole over in the Philippines. Ya know?

So look. If you’re more like me, and you just wanna have fun and not take this stuff so serious, click below. And, please, read every word.

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