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Self Coaching Scholars Review, Cost


The Life Coach School says, “Stop living life from the sidelines.” And, when I click their latest Facebook ad, they’ve got a new mini movie series that’ll show you a “new way to get unstuck faster.”

I’ll drop my Self Coaching Scholars review below, but first, check out what we’re doing with digital real estate:

Okay, so let me go ahead and opt-in to their nice-looking squeeze page, and see what happens.

Certification The Life Coach School Program

Immediately, I’m taken to a four-part video series—as promised. So far so good.

Self Coaching Scholars Pitch

In video one, Brooke Castillo, Master Certified Instructor and creator of The Life Coach School, dives right in, covering the most common ways we get stuck: overeating, alcohol, drugs, bad relationships, depression, anxiety, etc.

And the problem is, we go to Google, search for the fix, find it, try it, and it doesn’t work. Eventually… we give up. We tell ourselves it’s “normal” to be stuck.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, Brooke says. She’s got an all-new solution, and it works fast! (I’m skeptical, but I also wanna see where this goes.)

The video cuts to some short testimonies from clients all raving about “the model” that changed their lives forever. (I find it eerie that they all call it “the model,” as if that’s what they were told to say.)

In video two, Brooke’s back with the “3 Aha Moments.” They are: misassigning circumstances, misassigning meaning, and not processing emotions.

I won’t steal her thunder and go into them here, but I will say, it was interesting information. Also, a little confusing and not something I’d probably apply in real life.

Video three is 23-minutes of long-form testimonies from Self Coaching Scholars praising this mysterious “model” and sharing their heartwarming stories of triumph, while piano music plays softly in the background and fireplaces flicker… for added emotion. It all feels a little too perfect.

Video four is the official pitch for Self Coaching Scholars. Brooke breaks down the four components: (1) one-on-one coaching, done once a week; (2) virtual classes and group coaching, available daily; (3) access to “the vault,” a digital collection of Brooke’s past products and courses spanning a wide range of topics; (4) 24/7 ability to submit questions via their help forum.

Self Coaching Scholars costs $297 per month. There are no refunds and you’d need to cancel 14 days in advance of the next rebill to make sure your card doesn’t get dinged again.

Brooke clearly looks and acts the part. It’s obvious she has her sh*t together. She’s pretty, smart, articulate, and teaches concepts you’ve never heard before. I just can’t decide if that’s intentional, to sound “new,” or not.

Personally, Self Coaching Scholars is just too vague for my taste. For me to commit to $297 recurring, I’d need a little more than “get unstuck (from any problem) fast” using “the model.”

On that note, if business is where you feel stuck, we have a proven process that I describe in detail—and you can gain instant access by clicking the link below.

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