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Consulting School Review (Eric Siu, Single Grain)

Eric Siu Single Grain

Single Grain head honcho Eric Siu wants to help you make more money, get more clients, and build the business of your dreams, all while sidestepping the errors, mistakes, and issues he faced growing his agency. This, according to his YouTube ad I just watched.

I’ll review Siu’s Consulting School program in a sec. But first, check out what we’re doing with organic pay per lead. I’ll let my mentor (with the crazy hair) take it from here.

Consulting alternative

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After clicking Eric’s ad, he asks me to opt-in for a free video that will cover the top five growth strategies that allowed him to go from $10k per month to over $100k per month as a consultant. Plus:

  • How to create a steady stream of leads that lasts.
  • How to leapfrog past your competitors in record time.
  • The new way to make money from search engine optimization.
  • How he’s landed clients like Lyft and Amazon
  • Plus a chance to speak directly with Eric Siu himself.

I’ll sign up now and see if he actually delivers on these promises.

Eric Siu talks Consulting School

Single Grain Training Video

It’s interesting: Eric bought Single Grain, an SEO startup, back in 2014—for a whopping $2—after Google algorithm updates slapped ’em silly (then slapped ’em for being silly).

Fun fact: Neil Patel was one of the cofounders who coughed up his shares for a dollar.

Anyways, in saving Single Grain and building it into a seven figure business, Eric learned some critical lessons.

The first is that you need an integrator. This is the make-it-happen person. The glue that holds your consulting agency together. And allows you to breathe.

The second aha is that you have to build a launchpad before you can rocket into outer space. It’s more of a mindset than anything. Get your systems and processes in place. Have a goal to personally pocket $100k or $200k a year. Then worry about scaling to multiple millions a year.

Third, you need to run your business like an investor. Once your needs are met, take as little profit out as possible. Put it back into the business and let it compound over time.

Fourth, never stop learning. Always be taking in new info. Be willing to change your beliefs as you acquire more knowledge.

Fifth, build a bedrock of content. It may take months or even years to pay off, but when it does, you will have a moat for your business. Also, think how much better inbound leads are. Not only did they come to you, but they’re now pre-sold thanks to all that content.

To find out how much Consulting School costs, you’d have to book a call with their team. Generally, a call close means the course would be at least $5k (otherwise they’d use an automated sale).

One thing’s for sure: of all the people selling “how to grow your agency” programs, Eric Siu has to be one of the most legit.

That said, I’d personally never wanna build a “real business” like Eric’s talking about.

Office space, employees, lawyers, accountants, standard operating procedures, embezzlement insurance? Nah, I’m good!

I’ll be over here in my swim trunks, typing away from the porch of the luxury beachfront rental in Newport Beach I’m staying at this week. Answering to nobody. Worried ’bout nothing.

Although, I must say, this homeless man drinking a 40 out of a brown paper bag as he stumbles past me on the boardwalk is killing my vibe.

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