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Travis Scott Net Worth

Rich Travis Scott

Travis Scott net worth: Jacques Berman Webster II, aka Travis Scott, is a rapper with a net worth of $45 million dollars.  Here are 10 things you need to know about him.

Travis Scott Income

1. He lived with his grandma, in the slums of Houston, till age six.  Travis said seeing all kinds of crime and crazy sh*t made him realize he wanted out.  It made him who he is.  Gave him an edge.

Travis Scott Performing

2. At age seven, he moved to a middle-class suburb just outside of Houston, to live with his parents.  His dad had his own business; his mom worked for Apple.  Muisc was in his DNA.  Pops was a soul musician and grandpa was a jazz composer.  His dad taught him how to play drums at three.

Travis Scott Wealthy Rapper

3. Travis Scott went to Elkins High School.  He graduated at 17.  Then enrolled in University of Texas San Antonio, before dropping out sophomore year to go all-in on music.

Mercedes Travis Scott

4. He moved to NYC for a few months, then LA.  But there was no progress and he was broke.  So he moved back to Houston, only to be kicked out and cut off by his parents who were still bitter he’d dropped outta college.

Travis Scott Smoking

5. Travis considers Kid Cudi his greatest musical mentor.  Travis said Kid Cudi’s music saved his life and that he broke down in tears the first time Cudi visited him in the studio.  They got matching tattoos that say “RAGER” in red ink (Mr. Rager was Kid Cudi’s alter ego while he was working on his album Man on the Moon II).

Travis Outside Concert

6. His stage name is an ode to his favorite family member: Uncle Travis, whose nickname was Scott.  Travis said that he always made “good decisions, good business decisions” and that he wanted to be just like him as a kid.

Travis Scott Cactus Jack

7. When he met Kanye West for the first time, Ye gave him a Doritos taco from Taco Bell.  It had sour cream in it, which Travis hates.  But he choked it down to be polite.

Travis Scott Astroworld Vibe

8. The first time he smoked weed was when he was a senior in high school.  Apparently, he got so high he knocked over a huge display of potato chips at a gas station.

Travis Kylie

9. He bought Kylie a $1.4 million dollar Ferrari LaFerrari (an invite-only sports car) for her “push present” when she gave birth to their daughter Stormi.

Travis Scott DJing

10. Travis Scott loves Broadway theatre and wants to do his own musical one day.

Travis Scott Flips Off Camera

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