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Course From Scratch Reviews (*Danielle Leslie Goes Off!)

Danielle Leslie CFS Review

Danielle Leslie, creator of Course From Scratch (CFS) and Course Alchemy, reviews her biggest breakthroughs and life lessons. But first, a case study. Check out what we’re doing with internet real estate.

Alright, here’s a collection of quotes and rants from the Queen of Courses, Danielle Leslie.

Danielle Leslie New Course

“Environment fuels enlightenment. I show up in this way because of the people in this thread [on her Instagram]! If you have a dream, I want you to know that I built this from scratch. Thanks to virtual mentors and those who shared the blueprint before me. I wasn’t poppin’ on even a fraction of a handstand when I started online. No existing audience. No investors. My M.O. was to monetize from day one. With the internet and IG, you can do it, too.”

Danielle Leslie Udemy Gig

“My fave lesson from him [Gary Vaynerchuk] is: ‘Document, don’t create.’ We get so caught up in perfecting, refining, polishing our content that we never push send on most of it. How will the world see our gifts if we hide them out of fear? Progress over perfection. Ship and fix later.”

Danielle Leslie Yacht

“By focusing on one signature offer, I took my course from zero to $10 million in under four years, and I’ve watched my members follow this minimalist approach to grow their courses to multiple 6-figures and some 7-figures. Most, starting like me, with no existing audience or email list. I want to help more of us get there.”

Danielle Leslie Queen Of Courses

“I’m determined to teach more of us the skills that keep us relevant and thriving in any economy. I want us to have the choice to spend more time with family, donate to causes in need, and teach people from our communities what we know so they can better their lives, too. Let’s go higher.”

Danielle Leslie Bio

“I just hit 100k followers. Here’s how I did it. I don’t post often. I don’t do photoshoots—I post bootleg selfies or force my sisters to take photos. I don’t have a color scheme on my feed—what’s a preset again? I don’t have a social media calendar or manager—I post when I feel the urge or obligation. As of writing this, I don’t have a blog, TED Talk, podcast, live event, ebook, or affiliates—I’m a business minimalist; I do the most with the least. So, what the hell? How did I get to 100k followers? I focused on ‘receipts’ and ‘butts in seats.’ I focused on one thing: growing my revenue. Why? Because for me, the bigger the bag (make it obnoxious), the bigger the impact. I created my online course to advance my larger mission. I’m here to help people see themselves as a ‘culture add’ because you add value to every room you walk into. Your culture is your advantage. Your story is your differentiator. Only you have lived what you’ve lived. And there are people right now who want to learn from you.”

Neon Yellow Bikini Danielle Leslie

“In 2019, my online course made $4.7 million. I made millions, and more importantly: I made millionaires. I took my head out of the spreadsheet, traveled more than ever, got married to my dream man, and had a blockbuster year. And I made that amount with just one online course. I took the past couple of years to focus on one, and it’s paid back dividends. Meanwhile, one in six of my members who launched their online courses quit their full-time jobs because of what they learned in my Course From Scratch program. And three people I’ve coached made their first $1 million+ from their online course sales. I’ve had a few people now tell me: ‘You don’t just make millions, Danielle, you make millionaires.’ Aaayyyyy! I’m grateful everyday that when I win, those who are watching and taking action also win big.”

Courses From Scratch Masterclass

“The future us is like Girrrrl, I see you doubting yourself, hesitating, overthinking, but you already won. It’s already yours. So just focus on what needs to be done now. Just take the next step. If you’re unsure what that next step is, align yourself with people who are 10 steps ahead of you. That’s what I did and actively do.”

Danielle Leslie Work From Anywhere

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