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Digital Millionaire Coaching Program Review (Dan Henry)

Digital Millionaire Secrets Ad

Digital Millionaire Coaching Program review: should you give Dan Henry your time and money? I’ll leave my two pennies below. But first, ever thought about digital real estate? I’ll show you what I mean:

Alright, so I clicked on Dan Henry’s Facebook ad and was taken to his landing page. Here, he says he’ll make like DJ Khaled and give me the keys to scale any digital product, online course, coaching offer, or mastermind—the same keys he’s used to rack up over 15,000 customers online.

Webinar Registration Digital Millionaire Secrets

I’m sure it’s gonna be one big pitch with a few vague tips here and there, but whatever. I entered my email and got the following message from Dan (which makes absolutely no sense given his ad and squeeze page never said anything about a book):


Your copy of Digital Millionaire Secrets




It’s here!!!

Your copy of Digital Millionaire Secrets is waiting for you.

If you want to start and grow a profitable online education business…

Then you NEED to consume every page of this book.

Within the pages of this book is the blueprint to building an online education business from scratch…

And I’ve laid it out as easy as possible…even 11 year olds can follow along!

So if you want to take your advice, your knowledge, and package it into:

  • Best-selling online courses
  • Group coaching
  • High-end Mastermind groups
  • And more…

Then you NEED to grab a copy of this book and read it as soon as it arrives at your doorstep…

Because I’m giving you the cheat codes for the online education industry, find out why here.

And by following the strategy outlined in each chapter – you’ll learn how I grew a profitable online education business with minimal risk.

I know it sounds too good to be true…

But you’ll see why once you devour my book. (Which can be done in one sitting by the way)

And you’re not spending a couple thousand…or couple hundred today to learn this stuff…

All you’re doing is covering shipping.

Remember, we only ordered a limited supply of books for this first batch…

There are 1,000 more people waiting for this book than ACTUAL books…

Problems came up on the logistics side when I printed them, that was my bad…

So I’d grab a copy before the “launch day rush” crowd is at full storm.

>>> Click here to get your copy of Digital Millionaire Secrets shipped to your doorstep

Talk soon,


360 Central Ave
Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701

It’s as if he added me to the wrong list or was too lazy to make a new autoresponder series for his coaching program. Clearly, that email was meant for an ad pitching his new book.

I did, however, get redirected to what I actually signed up for… after submitting my email:

Digital Millionaire Secrets Mentoring Program

First impression? Well, I feel like Dan Henry is lying to me right off the bat. C’mon bro. I’ve been seeing your ads for months. You tellin’ me, after two hours and nine minutes, this’ll never be available again? Like, if I re-opted-in, I wouldn’t be able to see the same recorded video? Riiight.

Just to test the silly countdown timer, I paused the video, let it hit zero, came back, hit play, and the video worked just fine. Strike one.

Strike two, for me, was the first six-and-one-half minutes of bouncing back and forth between stating how many millions of dollars you and your clients have made with the “secrets” you’re getting ready to get ready to maybe at some point tell us… and then covering your ass with “but these results aren’t typical” disclaimers… and then right back to 7-figures this, 8-figures that.

It’s like, pick a side. Humble or hype-y? Which is it? Also, gurus, for the love of God, stop telling us what you’re about to tell us. Just f*cking tell us.

Now for a positive. I loved and totally agreed with Dan’s recommendation for a “scale test.” Launch your product very rough, very lean, to get a quick gauge on ROI or lack thereof.

And if you’re only spending, say, $100 per day on Facebook ads, you wanna see something like 8x ROI, not 2x. Why? Because when you ramp up and start spending, say, $5k per day, ROI’s gonna drop. Bigly. So you want lots of cushion; and if you do a scale test and the numbers just don’t pan out, at least you found out before putting a ton of time, effort and money into it.

Another solid point Dan Henry makes is that, as his ad originally said, high ticket is where it’s at. He gave an example of a low ticket product he’d sold that grossed a million dollars, then a high ticket coaching program he’d sold where they’d grossed about half that, or $500k.

Guess which one netted more? The coaching program. How? The low ticket program, despite doing twice as much in sales, had exponentially more refunds and chargebacks; whereas the coaching program had almost none.

Additionally, with high ticket, customers/clients are happier, take it more serious, are more likely to refer others, and there’s virtually no piracy issues like there are with cheaper courses.

He’s right about a simpler marketing funnel being better too. Rather than making people register for a webinar and pick a day and time, then they gotta jump through all these hoops to show up and watch the damn thing… he nearly tripled his conversions by stripping all that out and just going opt-in straight to on-demand video (like he did for this funnel).

Of course, I figured that out years ago, but I’m glad Dan’s catching on. Internet marketers love to overcomplicate things.

So yeah, this review’s not all bad. Dan Henry knows his stuff. I’ll give him that. It’s just that, I have a very low tolerance for marketers telling little lies and hyping up their sh*t and wasting everyone’s time—he does all three in this pitch, but then again, so does almost every other guru selling something.

I’m guessing Dan’s Digital Millionaire Coaching Program is $10k, but you’ll have to book a “discovery call” to find out. Should you invest? It depends.

Do you vibe with Dan Henry? Or does he annoy you? If it’s the latter, I mean, you’ve got a millionty mentors you can choose from. No sense paying someone you’d get sick of listening to.

Do you truly want to be a coach? And believe you have something worth charging $5k to $10k for? That people will actually want to buy? Are you okay being a hype machine on camera? And having the entire internet critiquing your every move? (Most bloggers will call you a scam artist for selling coaching. Dan’s lucky I’m not that cynical. But are you cool with anonymous trolls slapping that label on you?) If you answered no to any of these questions, I’d consider another model.

Finally, do you have a good $20k or so to get things rolling? (Roughly half that for Dan’s Digital Millionaire Coaching program and the other half for Facebook and YouTube ads.) If not, or if you do but you’d just as soon try something less risky, I’d sit this one out.

And, of course I’ve got an alternative. I believe it’s got all the advantages of a high ticket course or coaching program, but it’s more doable for the average person, less risky, and you don’t have to be an “internet marketing celebrity” to pull it off. Click the link below to learn more.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.