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Ryan Serhant Net Worth


Ryan Serhant’s got that big d*ck money energy.

Ryan Serhant was born in Texas. His family bounced around a lot when he was little, moving eight times before settling just outside of Boston. He was terrible at every single sport. The only thing he liked was theater because he didn’t have to be himself. “I was not a cool kid by any means,” he told Ed Mylett in an interview. Plus, he was overweight, had bad acne, and wasn’t all that smart.

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Acting gave Ryan an opportunity to be somebody else. After college, he gave himself two years to try to make it as an actor in “The Big Apple.” Outside of playing a minor role in a soap opera, he bombed. Ran outta money. Got into real estate. This was towards the end of 2008. Ryan wasn’t passionate about it; he just needed to pay his rent and put food on the table, and was too proud to ask his parents for help.

Early on in his career, he noticed: “I was lacking something that the successful brokers, developers, bankers, attorneys, and clients had—and I couldn’t really figure out what it was. They could walk into a room and make perfect eye contact. Great handshake. They owned the room. Right? They oozed success. Whether they were successful or not. I wanted to be like those people,” Ryan recalled.

But, in his mind, he was just this failed actor. Hadn’t even taken the training wheels off as a real estate agent yet. How could he possibly emulate these high achievers? “I didn’t think success was something that was possible for me. And I think a lot of people end up feeling that way as well,” he said.


Ryan Serhant eats glitter for breakfast and shines all day.

Eventually Ryan realized we’re all just people running on the same track. Some have a head start. That’s okay. What do I need to do to catch ’em? Enter: Big Money Energy, Ryan’s second book, named after his confidence blueprint he came up with to help people take back control and live the biggest, most fulfilling life they possibly can. Because, while you can’t change all of your circumstances, if you can change your energy, you can change your life.

So the multi-million dollar question is: how do you get that big money energy? “There’s no lying, there’s no faking it; it’s really just believing it in your core,” Ryan says. As an example, he tells how he got on Bravo’s reality show, Million Dollar Listing. Basically, he walked into casting and when they asked him why he should be on the show, he said, “Well, because I’m the best f*cking real estate agent in the world. Next question.”

Now. Did his numbers support that at the time? Hell no. But he believed he would one day become that. Roughly $4 billion dollars worth of real estate sales later, it appears he was right. Today, Ryan Serhant’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million dollars. For more insights and lessons learned, you’ll wanna watch the following interview.

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