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10 Throwback Ads So Sexist You Can’t Help But Laugh

Ketchup Woman Open

What’s next?  You gonna tell me a toddler could open it?

Mommy Warpath

“Don’t worry, Billy, mom just hasn’t taken her ‘sadness bath’ yet.”

Tie Man World

She’s just lucky to be in it, dammit!

Good Teeth Receptionist

Dreams really can come true!

Burn Beer Darling

Now fetch me another and then get this sh*t cleaned up ASAP.

Menstrual Cramps Funny

This man deserves a trophy of some sort.

Husband Pleasing Coffee

Smells like someone’s not gonna get backhanded this fine morning!

Housewife Headache

The struggle was real.

Total Window Weight

… and your sloppy husband watches football!

Where She Belongs

At my feet?  Naked?  Nice!  (Assuming the laundry’s done, of course!)

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