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Sheck Wes Net Worth

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Sheck Wes net worth: Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall, who goes by Sheck Wes, is a rapper with a net worth of roughly $1 million dollars.  Here’s how he came up.

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1. Sheck Wes’ birthday is September 10, 1998.  His parents are immigrants from Senegalese.  Growing up, they lived in Milwaukee and Harlem.  Two of their homes burnt down, forcing his family to bounce between shelters and public housing.  His parents, always working to make ends meet, often left Sheck alone to fend for himself.

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2. In high school, Sheck was big into basketball.  At 16, he was asked to model in a fashion show—for Kanye West—at Madison Square Garden.  It fell on the same day as a basketball game and Sheck was forced to pick one or the other.  He chose Ye and lost his spot on the team.

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3. At 17, Sheck started making music.  His mom, worried he was going down the wrong path, sent him to Africa.  She expected him to fall in line and practice Islam, but Sheck had other plans.  He spent the entire time writing raps and returned to New York City just three months later.

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4. When he got back, Sheck started uploading his music to YouTube and SoundCloud.  His following grew organically.  Then his friend, Mohamed Bamba, who would go on to play in the NBA, asked Sheck to make a song about him.  That led to Sheck’s smash hit, “Mo Bamba,” which generated enough buzz to capture the interest of several record labels.

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5. Sheck Wes ended up signing with Kanye West’s GOOD Music and Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack Records, under the Interscope umbrella.

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6. After releasing his debut album, Mudboy, Sheck opened for Eminem (alongside Logic) at a concert in Hawaii.  Later, his feature on “Gang Gang” from the JackBoys album made Sheck Wes a household name.

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7. What’s a “mudboy?”  According to Sheck, it’s when you still haven’t made it yet.  You’re in that hustling stage, just trying to connect the dots, attempting to rise outta the mud.

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8. Sheck’s songs “Gmail” and “Jiggy on the Sh*ts” each have verses where Sheck raps in Wolof—the language of Senegal—to honor his heritage.

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9. When asked how modeling compares to music, Sheck had an interesting answer: “I guess they share the same culture, but fashion has politics like crazy.  You gotta know how to play the politics, and if someone doesn’t like you in modeling then you won’t get any work.  If someone doesn’t like you in hip-hop then you just make a song dissing them and become a legend.”

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10. In 2019, Sheck’s ex-girlfriend, singer Justine Syke, requested a restraining order against him, after claiming he had stalked her and been physically abusive.  Sheck denied any wrongdoing and no charges were ever filed.  The allegations cost him an ad campaign for Major League Soccer however.

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