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Andy Frisella Talks Social Media “Sheep”

Preach, brother:

“If you find yourself with one of these angry mobs, runnin’ around, it’s a pretty good indication that you’re a sheep.  That’s the truth.”

“They don’t teach people to become aware.  Just because you accept someone for who they are doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything they do or say.  We have this thing in society right now where if you don’t agree with the way someone lives, you gotta hate ’em.  That’s just not right.”

“Unless it’s under the context of comedy, you really can’t say anything anymore without people gettin’ pissed.”

“You’re gonna hafta work with all different kinds of people.  And if you can’t tolerate that, then you’re f*cked.  Because that’s reality.”

“I just wish people were able to have real discussions without having to attack other people.”

“How boring would it be if everybody shared the same beliefs?”


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