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Neil Shoney Maclean Reviews (Scottish Scumbag?)

NeilShoney.com Facebook Ad

Neil Shoney Maclean, via this clever Facebook ad, invites you to steal his top three high-ticket funnels and ads. But should you bother? Continue on for my review.

Or check out our ad-free, funnel-free, digital real estate model. Here’s my mentor and another student showing off live, mostly-passive income streams you can copy:

Neil “Shoney” Maclean was born in Scotland and now lives in New York. He’s an internet entrepreneur who helps coaches, consultants and course creators 2-10x leads and sales online—freakishly fast. He founded ShoneyDigital, a social media marketing agency and digital consultancy, in 2016. That business is still active today.

Neil Shoney Mac Instagram

Upon clicking his neat little emoji ad, I’m taken to a nice-looking squeeze page. The short video in the lower right is a highlight reel of testimonials from those who’ve already worked with Neil. (And they all have cool accents.) How could I not opt-in?

High Ticket Sales Funnels Short TrainingAs soon as I did, I was redirected to a private page with a short video followed by an invitation to book a call for a “free lead generation audit.” I also got the following email:


Re: Cory




Hey Cory,

First of all, I want to thank you for requesting access to a quick, easy and wildly valuable training that will save you mountains of time, stress, money and effort in increasing your warm incoming leads.

Watch here now (note: this link will expire)

Here’s the #1 secret that no-one is telling you…

Especially the rented Lambo’s, Rolex’s and private jet crowd…

There’s a million-and-one things you can do to generate warm leads and sales every single day – but only a few things you should do.

If you’ve been confused and stressed about everything involved in ‘digital marketing’ and want it simplified so you can quickly and easily use it to grow your income, impact and freedom…

You’re in the right place and you’re definitely not alone.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners work with me closely inside my programme’s, mentorships and coaching roles DAILY and thousands work with me in a wider capacity where I’m a coach to other Mentorship groups and…

…they all have one thing in common:

They’re entrepreneurs who DON’T want the complicated frameworks, funnels or coding strategies that flashy-marketers are showing off as a status symbol, showcasing their ‘smarts’…


They DO want the tried and tested digital marketing strategies that have generated £millions for SMB’s, presented in the simplest way possible so they can implement it immediately to grow their businesses.

They DO want the most friction-free and quickest routes to growth presented first…

They DO want profitable ads, emails and socials running in a matter of hours….


They DO want more than “another course” – they want 365 days of support to answer questions and keep them firmly on the progression line…

Sound familiar?

Well, here’s the biggest take-away I want for you from this quick message:


Some of the quickest and easiest ways to generate leads and sales are the BEST ways to generate leads and sales.

And that’s what I want for you. An easier route, less stress and the support you need to make that happen. So…

In just 30 minutes with me and my team will pin-point for you:

  • The exact lead generation areas that are currently working that you’re probably overlooking as an easy route to double/triple leads (this alone is worth the time)
  • The EXACT areas where you’re lead generation is weak but can be rapidly improved
  • The BIG ideas that could smash ALL of your 12 month goals in half the time

These calls are extremely limited and not offered every week, so secure your space now if growing your business is:

1) Important to you

2) Something you’re ready to take action on now

→ Book My Lead Generation Audit & Strategy Session Now

→ Neil’s Call Booking Link Thingy

Speak soon,


P.s… want to see what the programme members said and the GROWTH they saw rapidly after joining? → Watch Testimonials Now

6 Netherton Avenue
Glasgow, Glasgow G13 1BW

I’m not feelin’ the fake scarcity. No, Neil, the link won’t expire. And you will do calls every week. Or you wouldn’t be paying for ads. Strike one. Now let me press play on his video and see if he actually makes good on his original promise.

Neil Shoney Mac Lead Gen Audit

One thing Neil says, right off the bat, that I wholeheartedly agree with, is that more marketing complexity does not equal more money. Rather, it’s often the simplest strategy that produces the greatest returns. Case in point? This site.

As for the funnels, Neil gives the mile-high overview of his Application Funnel, Lead Magnet Funnel, and Paid Challenge Funnel.

Although he gave some good tips on optimizing each of the three funnels, he never gave specific examples. To get any value out of this training, you’d need prior experience building marketing funnels.

Same thing with the Facebook ads. It’s clear Neil knows what he’s talking about, but text-based PowerPoint slides don’t really give me any insights.

I was hoping to see, at the very least, screenshots of actual ads and landing pages, if not swipes and funnels I could clone. Come to find out, there was nothing to ethically “steal,” as his ad promised. A bit misleading if you ask me.

The icing on the cake was Shoney’s transition to his pitch. Is it just me, or does every guru use this picture and try to mind-f*ck you into choosing “the easy way?” (*Rolls eyes.)

Neil Program Pricing Options

And, of course, the easy way, Neil says, is to schedule your call with his team so they can sell you one of two things: either The 16 Week Digital Marketing Programme or The 6-Month Accelerator Programme. The first is a repeat-after-me course. The second is a done-for-you solution.

Neil doesn’t say how much either program costs. Usually it’s around $5k for the course and $10k for the DFY option.

If you’re gonna go the high-ticket info product route, Neil seems like a cool guy who walks the walk. Were there a few things that turned me off about his funnel I came through? Yes. But marketers gon’ market. Verdict? He’s far from a scumbag and surely has value to offer.

More than anything, though, it’s the business model I don’t like. Too many things you need to be good at. Too much competition. Too few big ticket buyers. Facebook ads are so damn expensive. And they’re always shutting ad accounts down. It’s a tough go.

What we do? Patches these holes. Click the link below and I’ll prove it to you.

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