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13 Signs You’re Getting Better At Business

Jet Palm Signs

1) You’re starting to at least think about how food, sleep ‘n’ exercise affect work performance.

2) Some nights, instead of watching Netflix, you choose to read a book instead.

3) Most mornings, you create some sorta content before checking your phone or getting on social media.

4) You’re taking the time to actually physically write things down.  Goals, ideas, to-dos, swipes, metrics, a sentence or two about what you did well and what you need to improve on for tomorrow, etc.

5) You’re becoming more open-minded.

6) You’d rather do something, have it bomb, and learn from it, than sit around overthinking it.

7) Each day, you’re becoming more aware of trivial bullsh*t that doesn’t contribute to your health, happiness or success.

8) You’re caring more and more about yourself and less and less about your competitors.

9) Greatness, not income, is what gets ya chubbed up.  Perv.

10) If you go a day without creating something, you feel sick.

11) You’re not rattled as easily.

12) You give yourself random little challenges to toughen-the-f*ck up.

13) You’re inching closer to the real you in everything you do.

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