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Highly Productive Millionaires Share These 6 Habits

Productivity Habits

In studying hundreds of high net worth individuals, the ones who consistently get the most done seem to subscribe to the following six rules:

1) They show up.  Every millionaire I know works seven days a week.  Granted, they’re all internet millionaires, working from a home office.  But still.  They almost never take an entire day off.

One, they don’t want to.  Two, they know: perseverance pays.  When everyone else is partying, they’re practicing… as the saying goes.

2) They go for volume.  Millionaires understand that each blog post or YouTube video or Facebook update or magazine ad has just as much chance of falling flat as it does being a home run.

So they choose to do a lot of work – which means, they create a lot of content.  Gary V is the perfect example.

I can’t remember the last time I went an entire day without seeing a Gary Vee quote or video.  He’s a machine.  As are most multi-millionaires I’ve studied.

3) They’re okay with “good enough.”  They’d rather create something small or so-so each day than sit on the sidelines.

Because they’re pumping out so much marketing, millionaires give themselves permission to be imperfect.

4) They use routines to get rich.  Millionaires don’t wait for the right moment to take action; they schedule the action into their day and do it, religiously, no matter what.

You think Ray Higdon feels like doing a blog post every day?  Doubt it.  But he hasn’t missed one in years.

And it’s that one-a-day routine that separates him from all the broke bloggers who’re all about it one week and nowhere to be found the next.

5) They set limits.  Millionaires give themselves a specific amount of time to get important work done.  They only allow so many breaks.  They restrict their own social media access.  Emails are batched.  Smartphones are silenced.  And so on.

These constraints improve productivity.  Output becomes predictable.  Nothing is left to chance.

6) They use rituals.  Clothes are set out the night before.  Food is delivered.  Coffee is waiting.  Uber is on the way.  Research is done the day before a report is to be written.  (Whatever it is.)

These little rituals make it easy for millionaires to accomplish their goals each day.  It’s like a head start for hard tasks.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.