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Lil Skies Net Worth

Lil Skies Hands Up

Lil Skies net worth: Kimetrius Christopher Foose, who goes by Lil Skies, is a rapper with a net worth of $3.5 million.  Here are 10 things every Lil Skies fan should know.

Small Town Lil Skies

1. Lil Skies was born on August 4, 1998 in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.  Lil Skies looks white, but he is mixed: his dad is black and his mom is white.  His dad was an aspiring rapper, so Lil Skies grew up in the studio.  When his dad was severely injured at his day job and was at home recovering, the father-son duo began creating music together.  Their first full album was titled Father-Son Talk.

Lil Skies Close Up

2. By 10, Lil Skies was hawking his own mixtape CDs at school.  “I was very hands on—put the cover in the CD case, sign ’em.  I made like 50 copies.  I sold ’em all in the first day or two,” he recalls.

Lil Skies On Tour

3. Lil Skies was a straight-A student, good with the girls and dedicated to sports.  In 2016, he graduated from Waynesboro Area Senior High School.  After a short stint at a nearby college, he dropped out to pursue music full-time.

Lil Skies Selfie

4. Outside of his father, Lil Skies lists 50 Cent, Travis Scott and Lil Wayne as his greatest musical influences.

Lil Skies Cornfield

5. How did Lil Skies get his name?  Pretty simple: his dad was Big Skies, and since he was following in his father’s footsteps, naturally, he became Lil Skies.

Lil Skies Face Tat Shelby

6. Regarding his tattoos, Lil Skies has said: “I look at my body as an extension of the music.  My body is a canvas, and with my tattoos, I want them to be a direct reflection of my thoughts.”  Also, he knew the face tats meant he couldn’t work a normal job.  So they were his way of fully committing to music.  His most meaningful tattoo is the name “Shelby,” in red ink, under his right eye.  Shelby is his mother’s name.  Lil Skies also dedicated his first studio album to her, naming that Shelby as well.

Lil Skies Everything Sucks

7. Lil Skies has been open about his battle with anxiety, depression, even paranoia.  As a result, he spends a lot of time alone and self-medicates with marijuana.  He’s trying to open up more to his fans.  Lil Skies believes a lot of it stems from his father’s work accident, where a chemical explosion left him with third degree burns on his face and body.  He admits he probably needs therapy.

Lil Skies Hot Tub

8. Despite smoking weed regularly, Lil Skies is serious about his health.  He doesn’t do any other drugs.  And he’s known for snacking on fruits and veggies backstage, as well as drinking green tea with honey throughout the day.  He also works out regularly.

Humble Lil Skies

9. His advice to kids?  Follow your dreams.  And watch what you’re doing online.  Use the internet for positivity, not to talk trash or hate on someone who’s doing better than you.  If you see someone winning, let that be motivation.  If your friends and family don’t support you, work harder till you prove them wrong.

Lil Skies Fan Love

10. In October of 2019, Lil Skies and his longtime girlfriend had a baby boy.

Lil Skies Takes Break

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