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Mediocre Mind Versus Millionaire Mind

Sneaker Story

Okay kids.  Story time.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  So there’s this shoe startup.  This is way back in the day.  Like a hundred years ago.  Right?

And, naturally, they wanna sell more shoes.  So the founder comes up with this great idea.

“Let’s expand into Africa.  They’ve got over a billion people there.”

So he preps his top two sales guys and sends ’em over to scope things out.

After a couple days, they both report back to bossman.

“Got some bad news, boss,” says the first.  “The people here?  They don’t even wear shoes.  Forget about trying to enter this market.”

Just then, the second salesman beeps in.

“Boss, I’ve got some fantastic news.  You won’t believe this: nobody has shoes over here.  Everyone’s a buyer!”

Boom.  That’s mindset.  Millionaires see opportunity; others see obstacles.

Cory Johnson: likes bumping #OnRepeat through the Bang & Olufsen sound system in his naturally aspirated V10; post-workout pumps; curvy women; Will Ferrell; Dave Chappelle; and your mom’s potato salad. He hates awkward handshakes. But who cares? Let’s talk about you.