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Millionaires Don’t Scrimp, They Spend

Millionaires Spend On Business

On their business, that is.  You see, spending money is not the enemy; it’s the ally.  As long as you’re investing in knowledge, skills, systems, tools, talent, marketing, advertising, and sales?  Then the goal is to spend more, not less.

But most wannabe millionaires have it backwards.  They cheap out in business and wonder why they’re not getting anywhere.

If you’re not leveraging money to improve people, product, and processes, you’re basically saying: “I don’t want to be better and grow faster than my competitors.”

And that’s a silly thing to say.

So challenge yourself to spend a little more each month – if you can buy something that makes you smarter, or makes your offer superior, or helps you scale quicker?  Do it.  That’s how you fast forward to supercar money while you’re still young enough to enjoy it.

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