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Cody Sperber Net Worth

Clever Investor

Cody Sperber net worth: Cody Sperber, also known as “The Clever Investor,” is a real estate entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $18 million dollars.

His path to self-made multimillionaire went like this:

After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, Cody went to Arizona State University and got a degree in finance. While in college, he saw a friend flip a home for $80,000 profit and the seed was planted.

Despite his best efforts, however, a year passed and Sperber was still struggling to make things happen as a real estate investor.

He had no choice but to take a day job bookkeeping for a local developer.  Not long after, he found himself at yet another real estate seminar where he met his first mentor, Lyle.  Ninety days later, Cody had made enough money to quit his job and do real estate full-time.

During the next 12-months, he flipped more than 50 houses and built passive income streams via rental properties.  Sperber made smart use of the internet – specifically, ranking a website at the top of Google for both buyer and seller terms – so that wholesaling deals came to him.

Over the years, Cody’s dabbled in every type of real estate deal imaginable: soup-to-nuts, flips, rentals, notes, and everything in between.

In spite of economic ups and downs, his real estate business continues to thrive.

Cody’s known for his ability to spot trends and cleverly adjust his investment strategies to profit in any market condition.  Hence his nickname.

To date, Cody Sperber has been involved in more than 1,000 real estate transactions, totaling over $200 million in volume, and counting.  He’s still an active investor, averaging 11 new deals each and every month.

In recent years, he’s launched and scaled an education and software arm of the business, under the Clever Investor brand.

Here, Sperber and his team sell information products, courses, coaching, mentoring and seminars.  Traffic is funneled to these offers through organic social media marketing, as well as paid advertising.

It’s not uncommon to see Cody – in a sponsored post on Facebook – cruising in his new Tesla… or standing outside of Chase Bank in front of his Lamborghini… ready to cash checks from recent real estate deals.

Cody Sperber net worth lessons

Real estate relevance

The dream of real estate riches – or at least full-time income – is alive and well.  I’ve been guilty, myself, of making excuses for not getting into real estate.

“It’s too crowded.”  “Now’s not the right time.”  “What if the housing bubble bursts again?”  “The only people getting rich in real estate are the gurus peddling their how-to products.”

But month in and month out, Cody Sperber, along with Grant Cardone and others, prove otherwise.  And make me feel like a big sissy for sitting on the sidelines.

Walk the walk

Internet marketers who earn millions selling their secrets are the target of much skepticism and cynicism.  And rightfully so.

Most of ’em are full of sh*t.  They don’t practice what they preach or they never did.  And sometimes, what they preach?  Doesn’t even work.  Or it’s incomplete.  Or crazy-overpriced.

But there’s nothing wrong with double dipping on your skillset, and monetizing your systems and processes, if you walk the walk.  Which Cody Sperber does.  And he’s got the checks to prove it.  (Props.)

If you’d like to package up your knawledge and sell it online, Cody is someone you should study.


After seeing his college friend cash-in on a house flip, Cody did what all newbies do: he went HAM on learning.

Books, courses, seminars, Google searches, forums, friends.

In theory, this is smart.  You gotta learn the ropes, right?  But in practice, it usually leads to “paralysis by analysis.”  Especially today.  There’s too much information available.  And most of it’s free.

If you’re not careful, you’ll spend all your time trying to piece together a plan of action – but what good is it if there’s no time left to implement?

And even if you do:

What if the steps are wrong?  Or you leave one out?  Or there was a quicker way?  Or you miss out on a major tax advantage?  Or accidentally break the law?

The point is, yes, it’s necessary to learn; but how you collect and organize and act on information matters.  The wrong way could cost you years of struggle, millions of dollars, even legal trouble.

So what’s the right way?

Like Sperber says, get yourself a mentor.  Someone who’s done it.  Cody credits his mentor, Lyle, for much of his success.  Now a decade later, he still consults with him on the regular.

Most millionaires (myself included) agree: finding a great mentor who’s already got what you want… and is willing to help you follow in their footsteps… is the ONLY shortcut that exists.

The key word there is great.

There’s plenty of so-called “coaches” who’ll happily take your money, only to leave you high and dry.

So do your due diligence and don’t jump into bed with the first clown you come across.  Feel them out.  Make sure you respect the person they are, too.

If some CEO is worth $25 million but does drugs and cheats on his wife… is that someone you really want to model?  Probably not.

And it should go without saying, but you gotta bring something to the table.  Money, work for them for free, hand-wash their Rolls-Royce every Friday.  Something.

Nobody with a monster net worth is gonna give up their time easily.  It’s gotta be a win-win.


Cody Sperber is building a real estate empire right before our eyes.  Whether you want to get started in investing or go the guru route, you can learn a lot by reverse engineering his success.

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