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Sylvester Stallone Net Worth

Sylvester Stallone Wealth

Sylvester Stallone net worth: Sylvester Stallone is an actor, writer, and producer with an approximate net worth of $405 million dollars.

He’s best known for playing Rocky Balboa in seven Rocky films; John Rambo in four Rambo flicks; and more recently, Barney Ross in the first three versions of The Expendables.

Collectively, Stallone’s movies have grossed over $4 billion in revenue.

Not bad for a guy who “looked and talked funny” (due to nerve damage he experienced at birth), was homeless for a period of time, and had to sell his wife’s jewelry and then his own dog — which he later bought back — just to get by.  Right?

But there’s one word I want you to remember about Sylvester Stallone’s success.  And that word is: vision.  I’ll explain.

Sylvester Stallone net worth lesson

You may or may not know the Rocky story.  But basically, Sly wrote the script and was eager to sell it, with one caveat: he had to play Rocky.

And while he received multiple six-figure offers for the script, no one wanted to risk the lead role on Stallone.  Understandably, they all wanted an established, big-name actor.

Anyways.  Flat-broke and at the end of his rope, Stallone somehow said no to these offers.  Even though, at that time, $300k probably would’ve felt like $3 million.  Nucking futs, huh?  But the man’s vision would not be denied.

Eventually, Stallone got his yes — he could play Rocky — but only because he was paid peanuts for the script, limited to an itsy-bitsy budget, and had to shoot the entire movie in just 28 days.

It was a piss-poor deal destined for failure, but Sly was fresh out of f*cks.  He took it because it aligned with his vision.

And that gutsy, borderline-insane move would set off a series of events that turned Sylvester Stallone into a household name, one of the richest actors in history, and an inspiration to millions and millions of people around the world.

It may be extreme, but that’s why you need to figure out, in painstaking detail, where you’re headed.

Imagine if Stallone’s goal was less specific.  What if he just wanted to “write a script and make some money off of it”?  No way I’d be writing this article, drooling over his net worth.

So sit down and figure it out.  Where are you headed?  What does it look, smell, feel, taste, and sound like?  The more details, the better.

Because, like my boy Lewis Howes says, “You become what you envision yourself being.”  Stallone saw a movie star playing the crap out of the underdog role he’d just written.  Now what about you?

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