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FunnelSteve Review (Steve’s Idea)

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Steve Hofstetter, via his Steve’s Idea Facebook fanpage, is running the following newsfeed ad, which clicks over to a simple opt-in at FunnelSteve.com:

Funnel Steve Dot Com Opt In

Before I review his pitch, watch this case study my mentor did with another student on creating “virtual toll booths.”

It’s simple, scalable, semi-passive, there’s no ad spend, and you don’t have to deal with all the headaches that come with selling your own course or coaching program:

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Okay, back to Funnel Steve.

The ad itself is money. Top notch copy. Professional voiceover. And there’s just something about the punchy, plain black text over all white slides—like just the pace and simplicity of it all—that really sucks you in.

I’d say, even more so than if that same text was used as a long copy ad, where you could just read it all on your own without the video.

The content is compelling as well. Rather than relying on hype or industry jargon that sounds sexy but says nothing, Steve walks you through the exact numbers of what one of his done-for-you marketing funnels (which is what he’s ultimately trying to sell you) might produce when it’s all said and done.

In this way, if the numbers are to be believed, he’s making a strong, logical argument in favor of investing in one of his high-ticket, expert-only funnels.

And I’d say the numbers are pretty spot-on. Although, with gurus like Sam Ovens, Russ Ruffino, the Traffic and Funnels guys, Dan Henry, and about eleventy-hundred others teaching you how to launch and scale your own course or consulting program, they might be a smidge higher, but whatever.

In theory, a better funnel should protect you from that. The only thing that drives me nuts though is all the copycats.

For example, Alex Martino, from Everlasting Ads, ripped off half of Steve’s funnel just the other day. So if you do invest in one, just keep an eye out for thieves.

Me? I prefer free traffic. I want premium prospects coming straight to me. And I don’t want to risk any of my own money in order for that to happen. “Impossible,” you say?

Well, think about it: isn’t that what just happened? You went to Google and searched for “Funnel Steve review” or “FunnelSteve cost” or something—and here you are, right?

Would you like to see how I did that? And show you a way you can do it, too, helping local businesses in the process? If so, click the link below. Watch all four videos carefully. Cool?

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