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Jason Stone Net Worth And Dirty Little Secret


You know Jason Stone as the handsome hunk behind the Millionaire Mentor account on Instagram. A staggering 6.9 million people follow that handle because apparently they love cringey clichés superimposed on stock photos of Lambos and beaches and skyscrapers, oh and don’t forget still shots of Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street.

If you click over to his personal Instagram account, he’s got another half-million followers drooling over his picture-perfect life of luxury. Complete with smokeshow wife, two adorable kids, and more exotic vacations than me and you and your aunt Nancy and her second husband Dwight would take in several lifetimes. (And Dwight’s a goddamn surgeon. So that’s really saying something.) Anyhoo.

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Jason Stone (which, let’s be honest, feels a little too perfect to be his real name) says, in his bio, that he’s an engineer-turned-entrepreneur. He tells us he heads up legit-looking businesses like Treadstone Performance Engineering, which sells aftermarket parts to help your car go faster; as well as Wealth Nutrition Inc., which sells “brain-enhancing smart pills” that’ll “give you a mental edge in any circumstance.”

Okay, so maybe the supplement company is a little sketchy. But I guess, what surprised me, is that no one seems to have dug any deeper to understand how this dude really makes his money.

Because I’m scrolling through his stuff goin’, “No one could live like THAT simply by sellin’ intercoolers, manifolds and friggin productivity pills. There’s gotta be more to this story.”

What’s even crazier, though, is that it only took a few more clicks and I had my answer. And it made total sense. No wonder he’s not leading with this!

The video Jason Stone didn’t want you to see

You heard the man. “This is my 100% focus,” he admits. But what is it? What’s this amazing company that’s on the brink of hitting a billion dollars? And who’s Jason even talking to? And why, if this makes up the lion’s share of his income, does he never talk about it (directly) on social media?

Welp. Because it’s an MLM company that sells—wait for it—how to make money in Forex products! And so, in the clip above, Jason’s speaking to his team (aka downline), which he wisely brands as something else entirely: Team LFG Worldwide (as in “let’s f*ckin’ go!”). And so, I think it’s obvious why he doesn’t lead with this business opportunity.

Put it this way: you know how, when a pedophile goes to jail, they’ll usually get brutally beaten (if not killed)? ‘Cause, like, even other criminals who’ve done unspeakable things, look down on ’em? Yeah, well, what Jason’s promoting here is the pedophile of business models. Like, it doesn’t get any dirtier than a multi-level marketing company that peddles “get rich quick trading Forex” education and software. Does it?

I mean, you tell me. And it turns out, Jason Stone has a history of pumping up these slimy biz opps, cashing in, then, once it inevitably saturates, jumping to the next one and repeating. Same goes for his wife, who’s currently recruiting for Monat (an MLM that hocks overpriced hair and skincare products) at the time of writing this.

But, like I said, it makes total sense. THAT’S how homeboy is paying for that multi-million-dollar lifestyle. It just sucks that 99% (give or take) of the suckers who signed up under him will never even turn a profit, let alone get to live a life like the one Jason sold ’em on.

So yeah. Mr. Millionaire Mentor’s probably got a massive net worth. I’d guess at least $10 million. But if that’s how he went about? Who cares? I’d rather be worth a fraction of that and do something that’s actually helping people, not hurting them.

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