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Digital Storefronts Review (Cory Long)

Digital Store Fronts Training

Cory Long will show you how to rent digital storefronts to local businesses, generating thousands of dollars in passive income for yourself in the process. This, according to his latest ads on Facebook and Google. Can you trust him? You’re about to find out. Before I get into my Digital Store Front review, though, here’s the guy Cory learned all this from… doing a case study with one of his now more than 6,000+ students:

As you saw in the video, this business model works. So the question is: should you pay Cory Long to teach it to you? Or at least register for his free training?

Digital Store Front Google Ad

Where, Cory claims, you’ll discover the following:

  • The dead-simple Digital Storefront website that generates buyers for local businesses (who pay me a generous fee to throw their way).
  • How our students are succeeding with the model even though they have zero previous experience in marketing or online business.
  • How we build each Digital Storefront for under $50… and rent it out for 10x that in the very first month.
  • The perfect handful of “low-hanging fruit” niches to target to find business owners who immediately see the value in paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars to rent this simple little site.
  • PLUS, the non-confrontational (zero sales) “Whisper” method that we’ve personally used to land clients over and over again.

Alright, screw it, let’s hear his pitch. I’ll go ahead and opt-in and hear what he has to say. After doing so, he sent me this email:


Want a transcript of the training? (Plus a limited-time bonus).





Thanks for checking out the training.

If you didn’t get a chance to go through it all I’ve gone ahead and put a transcript together for you so you can skim through it and the low down on the entire model.

Click here to check it out.


Cory Long

P.S. I’m all about rewarding action-takers.

They’re the type of people I want in Digital Storefronts because they have the highest-probability of success.

For that reason… you’ll find a shameless bribe on the next page that expires in when the timer below hits zero.

Click here to check out the bonuses specifically designed to get you results… FAST!

[Countdown timer]

Ad Fellas, LLC
8 The Green, Suite B
Dover, Delaware 19901
United States

When I click the link in the email, I’m taken to this page:

DSF Sales Accelerator Challenge Cory Long

Before I get into the meat of the video, at this point, there are three things I want you to consider regarding Cory Long’s credibility (or lack thereof).

One, all he did here was repackage and slap lipstick on what his mentor (the one in the video above) taught him. In fact, he was kicked out of that group for selling his new Digital Storefronts program to those members, sneakily, via private message. (Cory even mentions it in his pitch video, saying how he joined a program six years ago, and then “left” and now he teaches and trains others what he learned. I guess by “left” he means “got booted from, for stealing.”) I mean, damn. Imagine waltzing into Walmart and pitching their customers a knockoff product. They’d throw you out so fast! Plus, who does that? Super sketchy.

Two, he has no issue telling innocent little lies to move you closer to a sale. The “webinar in progress” that will “end if you close the window” is just a recorded video. You can revisit that page anytime and watch it at your leisure. The countdown timer in that first email is also BS. C’mon, you really think, when it hits zero, Cory Long all of a sudden won’t take your money? Riiight. It’s called “fake scarcity” and it’s common in the course-selling space to get you to take action right away, instead of waiting. But just because tricks like these are common doesn’t mean they’re right. I always say, “If they’re willing to fib about something so small, what’ll they do when big money’s on the line?”

Three, and this is just my opinion, but I think Cory always playing the ministry card is ridiculous. Especially given his not-so-holy actions when it comes to business. It’s like, are you religious and all about giving back? Or is that all part of the marketing? (Knowing, others who are religious will sorta pick you based on that shared passion?) My guess is the latter.

The rest of the video is buy-my-sh*t-101. “Here’s some screenshots from our DSF Sales Accelerator Challenge,” blah blah, everyone’s crushing it despite the pandemic and without any prior experience; and now you’ve come to a fork in the road: you can go out and try to learn this yourself or you can tap into our proven “DSE Offer System” and learn from three amazing mentors (Cory, Bobby Stocks who teaches Facebook ads, and Rob Sekel, who specializes in sales and marketing). Whatever.

Long story short, the Digital Storefronts coaching and mentoring program probably has some decent information, but it’s simply a generic version of the real thing… pitched by a guy with questionable ethics. If I were you, I’d consider the brand version, which you can learn more about below.

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