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Travis Stork Net Worth

Travis Lane Stork

Travis Stork net worth: Travis Lane Stork is an ER doctor and TV personality and has a net worth of $11 million dollars.

Stork graduated from Duke University with honors; got his medical degree from the University of Virginia; then did his residency at Vanderbilt University, which is when he appeared on the eighth season of The Bachelor.

As you know, Stork’s final pick flopped — the two were donzie by the time the final episode aired.  But the botched bachelor was about to find his silver lining.  Stork’s performance earned him guest appearances on Dr. Phil, as a medical commentator.

And those appearances opened the doors for a lead role on The Doctors, which is where you probably know him from.

That show’s been successfully airing every weekday afternoon for a decade now, making Stork a household name — or at the very least, a housewife heartthrob.

And when you’re adored by millions, whaddya do?  You publish a book.  Travis has written several, including two New York Times bestsellers: The Lean Belly Prescription and The Doctor’s Diet.

So here’s the lesson I’d like you to think about:

Travis Stork has a net worth that’s many times greater than your ordinary doctor.  Why?  Because he went off script.  He found a creative, scalable, unconventional way to monetize the M.D. after his name: by taking his talent to television, where he can inform, inspire, and entertain millions of “patients” around the world, all at once.

How can you take your degree or specialty and do the same?

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