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Stunna 4 Vegas Net Worth

Stunna 4 Vegas Baby Ent Chain

Stunna 4 Vegas net worth: Khalick Antonio Caldwell, who goes by Stunna 4 Vegas, has a net worth of $1.3 million dollars. Read on for his surprising story.

Stunna 4 Vegas Office Chair

1. Stunna 4 Vegas was born on January 1, 1996 in Salisbury, North Carolina, which is about 35-minutes outside of Charlotte. As a kid, he was either playing sports or getting into trouble—describing his upbringing as “treacherous.”

Stunna 4 Vegas Smokes Weed

2. Stunna 4 Vegas started rapping around the age of 18. Four years later, he hit up DaBaby to do a feature on his song, “Animal.” DaBaby obliged, the song blew up, and next thing you know, Stunna was signed to DaBaby’s label, Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment.

Stunna 4 Vegas Radio Interview

3. Since joining BDBE, Stunna 4 Vegas has gotten a crash course in business: “Just getting with Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment made me wanna focus and lock-in on what I didn’t know,” he says. “I learned more about business instead of just recording and doing videos.”

Stunna 4 Vegas Middle Fingers

4. Stunna 4 Vegas says the craziest thing about his newfound fame is the girls—whether they’re jumping on stage and taking off their tops during a performance or going full-on groupie, following him and Baby from city to city. The only downside, of course, is putting up with haters on social media—but it’s a tradeoff he’s more than willing to make.

Stunna 4 Vegas DaBaby

5. Stunna 4 Vegas says there are three reasons he won’t fall off: (1) he’s highly-motivated to provide for his family and change their life; (2) his mentor, DaBaby, is the hottest rapper in the game and someone he refuses to let down; and (3) he’s got a great manager and support system in place.

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6. Stunna 4 Vegas says the biggest misconception people have about him is that he’s one of those “too tough rappers.” Truth is, he could care less about that “gansta sh*t.” He and Baby are all about getting money, period.

Stunna 4 Vegas Tour Dates

7. How did Stunna 4 Vegas get his name? For as long as he can remember, he’s been calling himself Stunna; and then the Vegas part came from his way of life, which resembled Sin City: risky, taking chances, living reckless. Hence the stage name, Stunna 4 Vegas.

Stunna 4 Vegas Weed Supply

8. Despite becoming a millionaire, Stunna 4 Vegas says his favorite place to eat is—wait for it—still McDonald’s. He’ll buy steak for his mom, but he’s dining under a Golden Arch whenever he gets the chance. (Assuming it looks clean outside and there’s not a bunch of junkies in the parking lot, he tells No Jumper, half-joking.)

Stunna 4 Vegas Money Calls

9. Stunna 4 Vegas raps about poppin’ Percs but claims he doesn’t really do that himself anymore. He’s eased up on alcohol and pills, but still smokes quite a bit of weed. He credits DaBaby with helping him keep his eye on the prize: money.

Stunna 4 Vegas New Performance

10. After blowing through $100,000 early-on in his career, Stunna 4 Vegas is trying to be smarter with his money. He bought his mom a house, and all of his family members cars, and he treats himself to a toy here and there, but other than that, he’s trying to put some aside for investing. He’s interested in real estate, specifically.

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