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Sunny Lenarduzzi’s Instagram Flex

Sunny Lenarduzzi Vancouver BC

Authority Accelerator creator Sunny Lenarduzzi just did a little humble bragging on Instagram. Before I recap what she said, though, watch this case study.

In the video, you’ll see my millionaire mentor and one of his students show off passive income projects you can totally copy. Pay close attention.

Less competition than courses and YouTube

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Alright, back to Sunny stuntin’ for The Gram. It’s actually a lot less cringey than you might think.

“This is why I became an entrepreneur and how we hit our ⁣
biggest year in business ever despite mass uncertainty in the world…” Sunny’s recent IG post starts off.

“If you ask anyone on our team, it’s clear that⁣ we are client-obsessed. Everything about our business is driven by creating⁣ a community and led by what will make our client experience⁣ truly transformative,” she continues.

“Why?⁣ Because people pay for transformation, not information. Which is why I’m damn proud to share our first Impact Report,” says Sunny, before asking urrbody to swipe right for the highlights of her all-new Impact Report.

Sunny Lenarduzzi’s self-promotion

Team Sunny Impact Report Insta

Which included the following:

  • Clients in 34 different countries and 15 different languages.
  • By using the strategies taught in Sunny’s courses, their clients have picked up more than 100,000 new clients of their own.
  • Totaling more than $15 million in additional revenue.
  • And 8 million new email subscribers.
  • And 153 million extra YouTube views.
  • Lendarduzzi’s lessons have produced positive results in more than 600 different niches.
  • Five of their students have hit the seven figure mark.
  • And 2,000 new online courses have been launched.

If those stats are to be believed, that’s quite impressive. (Call me a cynic, but how’s all that being tracked? And is the “I sell a course on how to sell a course” space now officially saturated or what?)

Sunny saying all the right things

Sunny Lenarduzzi Laptop IG

“Massive thank you to my team and our clients for making this a reality!” Sunny picks back up with.

“I came into 2020 and I made it clear that⁣ I wanted to be able to quantify and qualify the impact our⁣ business has made.⁣”

“Although we are working behind-the-scenes⁣ on continuing our efforts to create a truly inclusive and equitable business, this is our first public report on the impact our⁣ programs make and just how many people we have been able to reach on a global scale.⁣”

“We are committed to releasing a new report each year.⁣”

“This! This is why I wanted to be an entrepreneur. This is how we have navigated 2020 to have our biggest year ever.”

“We keep it simple, we keep it client-obsessed.”

“When I saw this report come together, I cried. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to do what we do and I’m honestly blown away by the results… and I know we’re just getting started,” she concludes.

Well, what did you think? Me? I dunno. There’s something about gurus who are too squeaky clean that makes me question how genuine they are.

Like, is Sunny Lenarduzzi all about her clients? Or is she simply saying that to get more of them and line her own pockets?

Also, rather than throw out all of these behemoth numbers that nobody can prove, why not show us YouTube channels and online courses that are crushing it, thanks to your teachings?

Don’t get me wrong. I do think Sunny’s legit. But my job is to play devil’s advocate and point out things you might not have thought of.

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